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Welcome to Telugu One TV - Movies, Serials, Telugu songs, Telugu Movies, Trailers
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Plan 1*  - Subscription of Serial Channel (TeluguOne TV) for one month - $9.95


One month’s subscription to Serial Channel (TeluguOne TV) (worth $ 9.95) PLUS 10 pre-loaded movies absolutely FREE with your purchase of the ViPTV STB. Offer valid for the first 300 subscribers only!

* Plan 1 is compulsory.
Plan 2      - Three flexible Channel options
  Apart from that you can avail the fabulous offer of watching unlimited movies out of 1000 Telugu movies.

You can choose from one of the three flexible packages :

Number of Videos on Demand (V o D / P P V) Payment in USD (Valid for 1month)
Basic Movie Channel (VoD)
(3 movies + 1.99 per movie)
Premium Movie Channel (VoD)
(10 movies + 1.99 per movie)
Ultimate Movie Channel (VoD)
  Get…Set…WAAAAAtch.......Whatever and whenever you feel like watching a Telugu movie / entertainment
1. ViPTV STB                                             
2. Subscription for Serial Channel (TeluguOne TV)
3. Pay for Videos on Demand - ‘ Movie Channels ’