Indias 67th Republic Day celebrations at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Dallas, TX


India’s 67th Republic Day celebrations at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Dallas, TX.


Dallas, TX: Many number of Dallas / Fort Worth community members from all age groups, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial of North Texas (MGMNT) Board of Directors participated very actively in India’s 67th Republic Day celebrations held at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza located in the city of Irving, TX on January 26th.

Mr. Rao Kalvala, Secretary, MGMNT in his welcome address stated that this Gandhi Memorial became the landmark for the Indian-American community to celebrate prominent annual events like India’s Republic Day, India’s Independence Day, Mahatma Gandhi Birthday, International Day of Yoga etc., Mahatma Gandhi’s messages must be carried forward. Mr. Kalvala appreciated the hard work and efforts of Dr. Prasad Thotakura, the Initiator and the Chairman of MGMNT for his vision in making the community’s dream of having Mahatma Gandhi Memorial as realty.

Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Chairman, MGMNT, hoisted the tricolor flag in the midst of applauses and jubilant mood of the gathering. He emphasized Gandhi’s value foundations of society – Truth, Nonviolence, Love, Compassion and Equality and requested all to strive for a better society where everyone is treated equally and respected mutually.  

“I thank everyone who gathered here to celebrate India’s 67th Republic Day despite the cold weather. The Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into force. Though, India obtained its independence through tireless efforts of our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on August 15th , 1947 it took more than two and half years to have a permanent constitution. Constitution drafting committee chaired by Dr. B.R. Ambdekar came up with a constitution draft that was kept open to public for the feedback. After many deliberations and some modifications, the 308 members of the Assembly signed two hand-written copies of the document one each in Hindi and English on January 24th, 1950. Two days later on January 26th, 1950 it came into effect throughout India completing the country's transition towards becoming an independent republic”, Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Chairman, MGMNT said. 

Mrs. Indu Reddy Mandadi, India Association of North Texas (IANT) President in her remarks stated that IANT has been serving the community for decades, appreciated the efforts of MGMNT team for having the remarkable Gandhi memorial in the heart of the city. She requested all for their continued support to all community activities.

Mr. Taiyab Kundawala, Co-chairman of the MGMNT said that this Mahatma Gandhi memorial, the largest Gandhi memorials in the USA, has a greater significance to the current and future generations.

Mr. John Hammond. MGMNT Board of Director conveyed his republic day greetings and thanked volunteers Nagesh Dindukurthi, Ashok Parmar, Balu and all media representatives for their help and support in making the event successful.  

MGMNT leaders – Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Mr. Rao Kalvala, Mr. Taiyab Kundawala, Mrs. Indu Mandadi, Mrs. Shabnam Modgil, Mr. Jack Godhwani, Mr. Kuntesh Chokshi, Kamal Kaushal and Mr. John Hammond participated in the celebrations.

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