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Bus Stop Telugu Movie Review
Nov 10, 2012  Telugu Cinema News : Like This :
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Bus Stop review, Bus Stop movie review, Bus Stop Telugu movie review, Bus Stop rating, Bus Stop talk, maruthi bus stop movie review : Director Maruthi, who scored success with his debut movie ‘EE Rojullo’ is back once again with youthful entertainer ‘Bus Stop’. Bellamkonda Suresh has produced this movie and check out Bus Stop movie review to know more about the film

Cast : Prince, Sri Divya, Kanna, Sai Kumar, Hasika etc
Story , screenplay and dialogues  : Maruthi
Director : Maruthi
Music : JB
Cinematography : Prabhakar Reddy
Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner : Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Release Date : November 11, 2012


Bus Stop review, Bus Stop movie review, Bus Stop Telugu movie review, Bus Stop rating, Bus Stop talk, maruthi bus stop movie review

Story :

‘Bus Stop’ movie is set in a colony backdrop and the story is all about current generation youngsters and their lifestyle. Lead actor in ‘Bus Stop’ movie, Srinu(Prince) is deeply in love with his tenth classmate Shailaja(Sri Divya) and his friend Kanna(Kanna) is crazy about Seema(Hasika). Srinu wants to marry Shailaja, but Shailaja’s family thinks otherwise about their relationship. Does Srinu marry Shailaja ? Will Shailaja’s parents accept their love ? All these must be watched on the big screen

Analysis :

First half of ‘Bus Stop’ movie is filled with loads of entertaining episodes with high dosage of double meaning dialogues. Director Maruthi has given equal importance to each and every character and almost all the artists were given enough time on the screen to entertain the audience. Director Maruthi has taken a lot of care especially with the screenplay part and that is the reason audience will not get bored of any scene in the first half.

After a rib tickling episodes in the first half, Maruthi changed the genre in the second half and added sentiment. Though most of the scenes in the second half are predictable, lead actress Sri Divya, Kanna and Saikumar Pampana have rendered good performances. Climax of the ‘Bus Stop movie is heavy but the message conveyed must be appreciated.

Teluguone Perspective

Director Maruthi has once again chosen the same genre like he did for his first film ‘Ee Rojullo’.  Maruthi has added loads of sexual humor in the dialogues and after seeing the movie, one can definitely say that the director’s target audiences are only teenagers. But going ahead, Maruthi should definitely come out of this adult comedy genre as his ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’ have got the same type of adult comedy. Maruthi’s dialogues are additional asset for the film and they are definitely going to hit hard for the teenagers. Performances by the all the artists were good and the director succeeded in getting 100% output from each and every character. Songs picturisation is good and the fate of ‘Bus Stop’ movie purely depends upon the way makers promote the film, as there is no other Telugu film lined up for a release this week(Until Nagarjuna’s Damarukam gets a final release date).

Performances :

Prince is good looking and his performance is good. Sri Divya has given wonderful performance and so did Hasika. Hasika not only excelled as a naughty girl but entertained the audience with her dance. Kanna did a very good job and his performance in the second half can be appreciated. Sai Kumar Pampana is the major asset for the movie and his dialogues received good response from the audience. Murali Krishna (DMK) has given satisfactory performance as the father of Kanna. Rao Ramesh has given good performance and some of his dialogues will definitely hit hard to the youngsters.

Technicalities :

Screenplay and dialogues provided by Maruthi are excellent and JB has composed good music for the film. Cinematography by Prabhakar Reddy is nice and the film has been mostly shot with Canon 5D system. Production values of Lakhshmi Narasimha banner are good.

Positives :

Youthful story
Artists performances

Negatives :

Predictable story line

Final Word: Watch Bus Stop movie if you like adult comedy entertainers.

TeluguOne.com Bus Stop Rating
: 3.25/5

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I think that is true in many cases
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