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Movie: midhunam
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Rating : 3.50
Released On : Dec 21, 2012
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Children of old couple Appalaraju (Balasubramaniam) and Buchchi (Lakshmi) are all well settled in US. However the couple enjoy their life in their village with their only friends being their garden, cow and beautiful surroundings. The film is all about their sweet nothings and petty fights and how they get over them. What happens in their life has to be found out on silver screen.

Analysis :

With tears rolling down their eyes, a couple claps S P Balasubramanyam's hands outside Screen 1 where he is standing. They tell him that it is in a long time they actually shed tears. Some more people, unable to control their emotions, surround Tanikella Bharani and tell him how much they have been moved by the movie. That says much about the movie. Let's move on.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Balasubramaniam and Lakshmi came with stellar performance in their roles. One can not get words to describe their efforts as they not acted but lived in those roles. Balu recently in an interview revealed that one media person asked him whether there was any love affair with Lakshmi in his real life since, their on screen romance was so natural.

Tanikella Bharani's direction, dialogues and screenplay is commendable. Even though the film revolves around just two characters and all dialogues are in sweet Telugu, never ever for a second one gets bored watching the film. This shows his strength as director. Comedy is also natural. Veenapani's background score is beautiful.

Final Word:

Midhunam may not be appealing to all sections of audience but the film might win many awards and rewards at film festivals. It's a tribute to viewer’s knowledge, whoever was present for giving grand applause at the end of the movie.


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