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Movie: Prema Katha Chitram
Banner : RPA Creations
Rating : 3.25
Released On : Jun 7, 2013
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After directing two hit movies ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’, director Maruthi has turned into a producer with ‘Prema Katha Chitram’. His close associate and cinematographer, J.Prabhakar Reddy is the director while Maruthi has supervised the direction. Let us get into Prema Katha Chitram Review to know more about the movie

Cast: Sudheer Babu, Nandita, Praveen & Giri
Story, Dialogues, Direction Supervision: Maruti
Director  & Cinematographer: J. Prahakar Reddy
Editing  : S.B Uddhav
Producers : Maruthi, Sudharshan Reddy
Banners :  RPA Creations, Maruthi Media House
Release Date : June 7, 2013
Censor Certificate : U/A

Disheartened by the way his girl friend cheated, Sudheer (Sudheer Babu) determines to end his life. Nandita (Nandita), Praveen (Praveen) and Giri (Giri), who has got same kind of problems, join Sudheer and all of them plan to commit suicide. These people select a farm house in the city outskirts to implement their idea. What is the relation between Sudheer and Nandita? Will all of them commit suicide? What happens in the farm house? All these elements form the rest of the story.

Analysis :

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the name Maruthi on a poster? Most of the people will be in an idea that the particular film is definitely going to be an adult movie. Surprisingly, Maruti has changed his genre this time and attempted a thriller with loads of entertainment. Though there are some double meaning dialogues, those won’t hurt the flavor of the film. Right from the beginning of the movie, director J.Prabhakar Reddy made sure that entertainment is mixed in almost each and every episode.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Prema Katha Chitram has got only 4 characters playing the main role in the entire movie and there is no dull moment in the film to particularly mention. After a slow start, movie continues with some funny and interesting episodes between Praveen, Giri, Nandita and Sudhir. Interval bang is the main attraction for the film and the tempo keeps on continuing throughout the second half as well.  By the end of first half, audience start to think that second half will have more thrilling episodes, but director changes the genre here.

Prema Katha Chitram has been made within a budget of 2 crores but the technically the film is excellent. Cinematography, music and art are the major assets. Entire credit goes to Maruthi and director J.Prabhakar Reddy for selecting a simple story and making it more entertaining with brilliant screen-play and dialogues.

Technical Aspects

Music & Background Score by J.B are nice and re-recording is another highlight for the film. Cinematography by J.Prabhakar Reddy is good and so is the editing by S.B Uddhav. Story and dialogues by Maruti are the life for Prema Katha Chitram. Production Values of RPA Creations & Maruti Media House are good.


This film is definitely a turning point for Sudheer Babu. His dance moves and expressions in the intense sequences are good. Nandita is pretty and has given fabulous performance. This is girl is here to stay. Praveen and Giri are the comic relief in the film and both these comedians were given equal space in the screen along with the lead actors


Performances of all the Lead Artists (Sudheer, Nandita, Praveen & Giri)
Screenplay & Dialogues


Nothing Much to complain except some predictable scenes

Final Word: Prema Katha Chitram is a hilarious thriller and is recommendable to watch for the lead actors’ performances and the dialogues.

Reviewed by Vamsi Kaka


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