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Vijetha Movie Review

on Jul 12, 2018


Casting: Kalyan Dev, Malavika Nair, Murali Sharma..

Music: Harshavardhan Rameswar
Camera: K.K. Senthi Kumar
Producer: Rajani Korripati
Direction: Rajesh Shasi
Date of Release: 12/07/2018

After marrying  Chiranjivi’s younger daughter Srija, Kalyan Dev has received an entry into the Mega family along with a chance to become a Hero. Kalyan Dev is making his debut with the movie ``Vijetha’’. Rakesh Shasi was introduced as the director of Vijetha which is based on love and emotions between father and son. Read on to find out whether the movie stood victorious at the box office or a failure.


Srinivas (Murali Sharma) dreams of becoming a great photographer. But he keeps aside his goal for the sake of his family and gets settled in the job at a steel plant. Murali Sharma loves his son a lot. He never steps back in fulfilling his desires even if they are above his ability. But his son Ram (Kalyan Dev) doesn’t sense the struggle in the life of his father and keeps living like a free bird. It was at this point of time when Ram meets Chaitra (Malavika Nair). He tries to impress her as she lives in his opoosite house. Srinivas gets distressed about h the care free attitude of his son and his grief results in a heat attack. Ram becomes a good boy as his father’s heart attack brings a sea of change in his attitude.


Action of Murali Sharma
Senthil Photography
Production values


Kalyan Dev
Routine story and screenplay
Lack of freshness


Director Rakesh Shashi has written a good story but was unable to turn it into a good screenplay. Nowhere could we sense any innovative scene. The movie was filled up with the same old emotions and scenes and there isn’t a moment that attracts the audience... which is the reason why the audience won’t get excited at any point. It shows that Rakesh has failed as a director.


The hero is neither charishmatic nor expressive on the screen. We have to bear him for the only reason that he comes from the Mega family. It’s noticeable that the audience would get a feeling that the movie would have been better even if Allu Sirish plays the role of hero.
Malavika Nair didn’t get a role that could prove her performance. But she showed her screen presence and did not limit herself for the songs like a commercial heroine.
Murali Sharma is the true hero of this movie. The movie too revolves around him. Every audience in the theatre would relate his own father with the character of Murali Sharma. Such was the way Murali Sharma lived the role.

Technical values:

The tunes given by Harshavardhan Rameswar are nice. The Background music also suits the content on the screen. Though the movie doesn’t require great photography, the camera work of Senthil stood as special attraction to the movie.

How is the movie!

Regular movie lovers can’t enjoy the movie except the family audience .

Telugu One Perspective:

Routine formula family drama.

Rating: 1.5/5

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