Phacotechmix is combination of five world’s finest technologies for ultimate vision outcome in cataract surgery


Hyderabad: Maxivision has no doubt become synonymous with world-class and first–of–its–kind pioneering surgeries and eye treatments in Hyderabad and in the country. Cataract is one problem which is wide spread in the country and often seen among senior citizens. But at the same time it is also occurring increasingly in children and adults too. A conventional cataract surgery done anywhere may not cost more than 10,000 rupees for a single eye but in Maxivision, it can cost between Rs 10,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh. There may be several doubts as to why the clinic charges a hefty sum for a surgery as simple as cataract. This needs to be elucidated in terms of how Cataract surgery technology at Maxivision differs from other centers, surgically and conceptually!

Phacoemulsification, also called the key-hole cataract surgery, at Maxivision combines the best of five different and latest technologies in the world. They are VICTUS Femtosecond laser Refractive Cataract Surgery (FRCS), MICS (1.8 mm key-hole cataract surgery), WAVETEC Intra-operative Aberrometry, Premium IOL and Post –operative Zyoptix and this is now called Phacotechmix. The end result is an ultimate outcome, ‘zero’ power for distance and also near in Cataract Surgery.

Eye is like a camera with a lens in front and a film in the back to receive pictures. The Human lens is egg shaped. While Egg shells are hard, Human lens shell is thin and transparent called capsule. Egg has yellow and white while Human lens has nucleus and cortex. Now just imagine making a hole in the egg shell and removing the yellow and white inside. Effective cataract surgery involves, making a hole and removing nucleus and cortex and retaining the capsular bag around the nucleus, which is key for vision and eye health.

While this is done manually during conventional Cataract surgery, Phacotechmix at Maxivision involves an automated robotic surgery that makes a 1.8 to 2.8 mm hole to enter the eye to reach eye lens and then makes a precise 5.5 mm hole in lens and then makes cuts in the nucleus and cortex which is called fragmentation. This process now called as VICTUS Laser Cataract Surgery, it is a safe procedure which disregards the need of manual intervention completely.

It is an entirely new and exclusive technology. Maxivision’ founder Kasu Prasad Reddy was instrumental in the research for the development of this technology and successfully implemented in Hyderabad which is approved by US FDA. It is a computer assisted laser surgery. A routine Phaco surgery for cataract involves manual intervention for performing all the three steps such as incision, capsuloctomy and fragmentation as mentioned above but today the VICTUS Femtosecond laser Refractive Surgery (FRSC) is a revolution of sorts in the field of eye surgery and is considered as a milestone in the history of cataract surgery.  It delivers precision, accuracy and the most important element of any surgery and the key, i.e. safety. While conventional cataract surgery may result in the need for another surgery down the line after a decade or so, this surgery is permanent, and has no side effects. You need not revisit your doctor and also the best for pediatric eye surgery to correct Cataract among children.

Highest Safety, precision, accuracy, world-class and effective Cataract surgery for long-term eye health and vision…now very near and accessible to you at Maxivision!