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OK OK Telugu Movie Review

on Aug 31, 2012

OK OK Telugu Movie Review, OK OK Movie Review, OK OK Review, OK OK Telugu Movie Reviews, OK OK Rating:Producer Udaynidhi Stalin is making his debut as hero with ‘OK OK’. The movie is the dubbed version of Tamil super hit movie ‘Oru Kal Oru Kannadi’ (OK OK) has been produced by Bellamkonda Suresh. M Rajesh of ‘Nene Ambani’ fame has directed the movie. Read OK OK Telugu Movie Review to know more about the movie.


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OK OK Telugu Movie Review Story:

Best friends Srinivas(Udayanidhi Stalin) and Santhanam(Bangaru) works at a multiplex. One day, Udaynidhi sees Meera(Hansika), the daughter of a police officer (Sayaji Shinde), at  a traffic signal and eventually starts loving her. He starts following her and much to his disappointment, he realizes that she is not interested in him. He tries to impress and insist her to love him in every possible way he can but all his efforts are in vein. The rest of the story is all about how Srinivas convinces Meera and succeeds in his love.

OK OK Telugu Movie Review Analysis:

OK OK movie goes on a lighter note with rib tickling one liners from Santhanam. His comedy timing is wonderful and he steals the show. He almost single handedly carried 'OK OK' on his shoulders and no wonder he is one of the top rated comedians in Kollywood. Debutant Udaynidhi Stalin has made a decent debut as an actor. He underplays his character in the film and paves way for Santhanam and Hansika to hog the lime light in most of the scenes. His body language and expressions are good and he needs to improve a lot in dances.  Director Rajesh has worked hard and made the movie with a gripping screenplay. 

The scenes where Hansika brings her fiancee to a restaurant and the episodes where Udaynidhi smells alcohol and talks to Santhanam, the track where Udaynidhi makes his mother Saranya to get into an auto, and Saranya’s expressions when her husband starts talking to her are the highlights of the film. The aircraft scene has been shot well and received terrific response. The emotion content is adequate in the second half and the director has succeeded to carry the momentum. Last but not the least, OK OK is a wafer-thin story laced with fantastic comedy and an attractive love story between Udayanidhi and Hansika.

OK OK Telugu Movie Review TeluguOne Perspective:

Though OK OK doesn’t have a great story, director Rajesh’s presentation has made it an enjoyable flick to watch for. Santhanam’s witty one-liners and Harris Jayaraj's music engage the audience well. The narration is interesting and director Rajesh has managed to induce comedy successfully into the lighter vein love story.  The friendship episodes between Santhanam and Udaynidhi looks artificial but at the same time evoke laughter. The reason behind Uday’s dad showing animosity on his mom is not justified.  The picturisation of songs reminds you movies like ‘Veedokkade’, ‘Mallanna’ and ‘Ghatikudu’. The love episodes between Hansika and Udaynidhi could have been handled better as it lacks emotion. Overall, OK OK might go well with the multiplex audience who are excited to watch an youthful love story with clean entertainment.

OK OK Telugu Movie Review Technicalities:
Balasubrahmaiam’s cinematography is outstanding especially in the song sequences. Editing by Vivek Harshan is good. Harris Jayaraj’s background score and music are an asset to the film. To be precise, more than direction, the way director Rajesh presents the story is refreshing. Hence, full marks to him!

OK OK Telugu Movie Review Positives:

Santhanam's comedy
Harris Jayaraj Music

OK OK Telugu Movie Review Negatives:

Lacks emotion in the love track
Cliched second half

OK OK Telugu Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

Final Word: OK OK is just an OK movie.

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