Daddyodanam - Navaratri Special



Daddojanam, thayir sadam, bagala bath are the other South Indian names for this traditional tempered curd rice. Though everyone knows the standard procedure of making curd rice, today we will be sharing, how to make curd rice in temple style for naivedhyam. This is commonly made during Dasara Navaratri as an offering to Goddess Durga.



Rice or Beeyam

Tempering Seeds or Popu Ginjalu

Ghee or neyyi

Salt or Uppu

Curd or Perugu

Curry Leaves or Karuvepaku


Pomegranate or Danimma Ginjelu

Ginger or Allum

Green Chilli or Pachi Mirchi


Pepper or Miriyalu

Hing or Higuva


Method :

Wash a cup of rice. Soft cook it with 3 cups of water in a pressure cooker for 3 4 whistles. (We generally add 2 cups of water for a cup of rice – but since we are doing curd rice we need to add 3 cups of rice). Empty the rice in a bowl and wait till the rice cools down. Later add curd and mix well. Also add half cup of milk to enhance taste. Add salt, kothmir, green chillis and mix. Heat oil or ghee in a pan – add tempering seeds along with pepper powder, ginger and hing and empty into the curd rice bowl and mix well. Finally garnish with pomegranates.