TASC 2013 Deepavali Celebrations a historical Success in Los Angeles




Telugu Association of southern California (TASC) celebrated Diwali Star night on Friday Oct.25th at Bill Medley Auditorium in Santa Ana of Los Angeles . Under the Dynamic Leadership of the TASC President Nagesh coupled with the Generosity of the Donors and members. The auditorium was Jam packed with enthusiastic participants and free food was sponsored to all by Dosa Palace.


The Program commenced with the Amazing dance performance by Indraneel followed by the in exhaustible performances of DSP Sagar, Geeta Madhuri, Revanth, Ranina Reddy, Prithvi, Madhurima, Shravya Reddy, Deepu and Anjana Soumya. DSP Sagar and team solicited active participation from the audience and entertained them throughout the show until 1 am. “Choli ke peeche Kya Hai” dance performance by Chandni stood as a Special attraction and received tremendous response from the audience. The Executive Committee Thanked Suman Ujwal of NJ and Latha chowdary and TV5  for their support  efforts and coordination with all the Artists.

DHIMTHANA dance performed by TASC women lead by Presidents wife Priya choreography by Sirisha has been applauded by all the audience .



All the Donors and Staunch supporters of the organization were duly felicitated by President Nagesh. It is Customary that any President who does exemplary job to the Society as well as to the Organization during his term will be considered for an extension of his term by another year and only one President in the past Mr Lakshman Koka was honored with an extension .Now the Advisory Committee, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee Of TASC have Unanimously granted one year extension of president ship to Nagesh.

The Founding member of TASC Shri. Dharma Reddy Gummadi Garu Advisory council Vice chair Dr.Nakka Srinivas ,BOT Chair person Dr.Mohan Mallam,BOT Secretary Lakshman Koka has confirmed with the mandate of 1500 audience and made this announcement to the public at the event.Sri Nandadur Vardhan a team member of President Obama Dr Krishna Reddy Chirra Ramalinga Reddy Devasena Reddy Dr Surya Reddy Sudhakar Gummadi and many of the community leaders endorsed the appointment. President Nagesh Thanked each one of them for bestowing Upon him the trust and promised that he would do his best to promote the Organization and make it unique among all the Organizations.

The executive Committee  thanked The Great Grand Sponsor Dr Prem Reddy garu Dr Shanthi Reddy garu for their generosity of $50,000 donation for the year 2013.and also thanked Dr Lakireddy hanimireddy garu for $10,000 ,Dr Pailla Malla Redy garu of NY for $10,000 Dr Haranath Policherla $2000 and rewarded all of them with silver momentos.President Nagesh thanked each and every Donor ,BOT's and all the volunteers for their support to the organization.

TASC 2014 Executive Committee
Nageshwar Rao - President
Prasad Rani - President elect
Mallik Reddy - Secretary
Bayapa Reddy - Treasurer
Sreekanth Reddy Komatireddy - Past President

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