Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society (GWTCS)

Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society (GWTCS) is a non-profit organization devoted to the awareness and promotion of Telugu Culture in the Greater Washington Area. GWTCS celebrates various Telugu Festivals annually and encourages participation by members and well-wishers at these functions.

Fostering contacts and promoting cooperation among Telugu speaking people of the United States and coordinating their efforts with like minded individuals and groups interested in preservation of Telugu heritage and its propagation.


Membership in this Organization shall be open to all persons who speak Telugu Language, who appreciate Telugu language literature and cultural heritage. Any Telugu people can join into the organization as a member with different options like Life Member, Regular Member or a Function Member and for more details click here. In general, the Organization conducts three Festival functions (Sankranthi, Ugadi and Diwali), one Picnic and one Movie each year.


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