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  • Evergreen Anipinche Kantha Rao Hit Songs

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  • RGV planning a movie on Sanjay Dutt

    The biopic of controversial Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has hit the screens. Though the movie was a hit and Ranbir was praised for his natural performance.... there were criticisms that the movie is nothing but...

  • Sanjay and Ranbir to act together

    Yes, there is no doubt that Sanju is a huge success. And there is no one left who would doubt the acting talent of Ranbir Kapoor as Sanju. In fact, Ranbir has been a major reason behind the success..

  • Sri Reddy slams Kollywood

    There’s no stopping of Sri Reddy in slamming the film fraternity on casting couch. She has already tried to name and shame the tamil celebrities such as Sunder C, Lawrence and Srikanth. Now she has made..

  • ఇదంతా సుకుమార్,దేవీశ్రీ వల్లే..!!

    హీరో రామ్‌చరణ్, దర్శకుడు సుకుమార్ కాంబినేషన్‌లో వచ్చిన చిత్రం రంగస్థలం.ఈ చిత్రంలో హైలెట్‌గా నిలిచింది ‘జిల్.. జిల్.. జిగేల్ రాణి’ సాంగ్. ఈ పాట పాడింది గంటా వెంకట లక్ష్మి అనే మహిళ. కొద్దిరోజులుగా వెంకటలక్ష్మి...

  • Mamta Mohandas comments on Rape

    Well known actress Mamta Mohandos has shocked the film fraternity with her statements on sexual assault. Speaking to a leading daily she said- ``if a woman gets into trouble, I feel somewhere she...