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  • I am dying to get married says Salman

    Salman Khan who is in the middle of a controversy due to his derogatory remarks has recently confessed on a reality TV show that

  • Nayaki gets its Censor Certification

    The censor board certified the movie with "A". Govardhan is the director for this movie. Raj Kandukuri has produced for this flick. The audio

  • A good debut for Niharika?

    In the role of Sandhya, Niharika seems to be appealing. A kind of innocence that needs to be portrayed is carried well by Niharika, even though it is her first movie. She seems justified in the romantic scenes well. 

  • Salman finally responds to controversy

    Salman Khan has been evading the media, ever since the controversy surrounding his remarks on women has erupted. Though

  • Oka Manasu Movie Review

    The movie Oka Manasu is a full-length love story, with romance,sentiment, tragedy and freshness in narration. The first half went on well with simple story narration. The story is exactly revealed

  • "ఒక మనసు" సినిమా రివ్యూ!

    మెగా ఫ్యామిలీ నుంచి వస్తున్న తొలి కథానాయకి నిహారిక. ఇదివరకే కొన్ని షార్ట్ ఫిలిమ్స్, టీవి షోస్ చేసినప్పటికీ.. నిహారిక ఎంట్రీ కోసం మెగా అభిమానులందరూ ఎంతో ఆతృతగా ఎదురుచూశారు. "మల్లెల తీరంలో సిరిమల్లె పువ్వు" ఫేమ్ రామరాజు