Seven Signs of Heart Attack!


Well, heart is one of the most common disease to which about 20% of the world’s population succumb to! Not all hear attacks begin suddenly with crushing pain and profuse sweating as shown in television.

Not all heart attacks are unpredictable there some early signs to heart attack. Here some least known signs of heart attack!

There is also mild to severe pain and sense of pressure in other body parts like stomach, arm throat shoulder or jaw. People often ignore it, presuming it to be a normal tightness!

Even stomach pain, nausea and vomiting also indicate heart attack, which is generally mistook for indigestion or flu!

Sudden onset of fatigue or weakness of limbs also indicates the incidence of heart attack. Even walking few steps seems to be an uphill task!

Unpleasant sensation of dizziness or a feeling that one might faint at the moment! This indication often mistook for long and tiring daily chores or certain known diseases like vertigo!

The onset of Shortness of breath is yet another warning of heart attack. One might experience shortness of breath even while sitting idle!

Profuse sweating, this is a well known sign of a heart attack. One starts sweating voraciously even without any physical strain!

These are the common symptoms it not a thumb-rule that one who may experience a stroke should have all these signs. Besides able to identify the signs of heart attack one should keep a phone handy to call an ambulance!

Take Care!!



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