Secret of Life


It's my fortune to be associated with few people who motivate me with their enthusiastic thoughts and actions, irrespective of their age. Among such people, who are in their sixties, few are women entrepreneurs, few I keep meeting in art and craft classes, few are members of coking and baking clubs and of course at the music and dance academy where I am a member. These ladies don't come there to pick up there grandchildren but they are students learning the above mentioned activities. trust me they seem to be the most sincere students in the respective fields they have chosen. When ever I see them in these places the first thing which turns me on is big smile on their face and a very positive body language. They do have health problems, but to overcome the sychological stress they undergo due to the health issues is more than the actual pain. To come out of this, they have decided to engage themselves in the activities which will pep them up.

When I meet such people, I feel that age is just number; like any other thing changes along with time, our biological clock keeps moving and it must. It's very natural thing to happen. But the beauty of few people is they don't focus on it. They accept life as it comes, live every moment to the fullest. Their spirit is amazing and They are the people who are "ever young" and keep inspiring us. The secret here is, if you are enthusiastic  you will stay young forever.  If you make learning a part of your life, let it be any thing like music, dance,  designing,  reading  or cooking etc. As long as you have desire to explore life it will definitely make a difference in the way you live.

Everyone cant be so active and enthusiastic. I agree that, We all are born with different thought processes  and vary in our personal traits.   but we can surely try and develop to build a life according to your choices instead of blaming people and situations created around. Only way to do this is getting detached with ownself, once in a while and observe your thoughts, developments in "life graph" and changes and choice you made in this journey. This gives a clarity to oneself  to move forward in life gracefully .


- Bhavana

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