On the sunny Saturday morning, over 300 people of diverse nationalities and cultures from all over Atlanta availed themselves of the free consultancy and tests services provided by 28 dedicated physicians representing 18 specialties, 13 nurses and 5 EKG technicians and over 45 service-oriented volunteers who attended to the various health related concerns of the people after they registered for blood tests, free EKGs; free glaucoma screenings; preventive Cardiology tests, free Bone Density tests to detect osteoporosis and Free Consultancy in, dermatology, endocrinology, Internal Medicine, homeopathic medicine, Cardiology, Pediatrics, ENT, gastroenterology, urology, ophthalmology, physical therapy, chronic pain,and Vascular Surgery. Endocrinology, Gynecology, Physical Rehab Medicine.

Many, including elderly and disabled people, lined-up as early as 7.45 a.m.The spacious and well- lighted hall and rooms in the Educational Building and below in the Banquet Hall had neatly laid out tables, where over 230 EKGs (male and female) were carried out, by Southern Heart Specialists, Riverdale, Georgia for males, and Dr.Tulasi Vanapalli- Tec Jonesboro,Georgia, and Atlanta Heart Associates,Fayetteville, Georgia for females. Dr.Reecha Revalu carried out over 40 Cardiovascular Risk Assessment tests, and also education and advice on diabetes,anti-smoking and nutrition. Over 90 vision and Glaucoma screening tests were done(12 Glaucoma); by Dr. Indira Menon from the Eye physicians and surgeons, Decatur, Georgia . Bone Mineral Density screening tests were in big demand About 50 plus bone-density tests were performed by Madhusudhana Siddagunta, .Roger Allen and Elizabeth Allen. Blood tests too were in big demand. Over 280 cost –effective, basic quality comprehensive Chemistry profile of blood tests with PSA, and HBA1c were carried out at a nominal fee of $15 per test. The lab work was provided by the Medical Center of Central Georgia Lab., Macon. It is noteworthy that the results of the blood work were mailed within 48 hours! The test results helped identify some life threatening results which were immediately notified to the participants.

SAI Health Fair arranged for the complimentary breakfast for participants, doctors, nurses and volunteers. Whereas delicious lunch for all the doctors, nurses, health care professionals and volunteers, was provided by Jacqueline Wright, Sean Sims and Larry Jones from Tropical Smoothie, while Fruit trays, water bottles, cookies were provided by Charter Anchor Hospital, Forest Park, Georgia. SAI Health Fair publicity and coverage was carried by Khabar magazine; India Abroad, Little India,, and In addition, presidents of several local Associations also helped to notify their members about the Health Fair. Digital video and Photography services were provided by Mahadev Desai, as well as Venkatesh arranged by TAMA.

Dr, Baiza Muhammad, of Holistic Wellness Movement with volunteers Terri and Sandra Gentry had set up a table, where to mark the National Health Care Day of Service; they were kindly handing out brown bags containing organic fruit from NewLife Horizon House to all SAI Health Fair attendees.

At a brief appreciation ceremony, a frail old lady Vishnu Maya, who is the mother-in-law of Tulsi Ghimirey from Bhutan, presented Pashmina Shawls to Dr.Sujatha Reddy, Dr.Indira Menon and Dr. Deepa Nagarajan for arranging to perform an urgent eye-surgery which prevented her going blind. In a moving speech, Tulsi thanked these three physicians and exhorted fellow Bhutanese to volunteer their services to the community. Responding Dr.Reddy echoed Tulsi’s remarks and urged the attendees to remember to give back to the community in whichever way they can.

Dr. Sujatha Reddy thanked the Hindu Temple of Atlanta for providing the accommodation and help to stage the Health Fair; Dr. Reddy for providing lodging at Sleep Inn and suites, Riverdale for out of town nurses and also for providing dinner on Friday, for out-of-town nurses. She further thanked supporting sponsors; the team of physicians, nurses, students and dedicated volunteers who together helped make the Health Fair a big success. She also thanked Rama and Vardhana, Bhalla family-UK for supporting the SAI Health Fair. The mission of the SAI Health Fairs is to create an awareness of the importance of preventive health care among the public-detection, prevention and cure. “Cure the patient today and protect the community tomorrow. Too often we hear of illness that could have been prevented if it had been detected earlier” is its guiding motto.

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