YSR Vardhanthi Observed in Detroit, USA

The great Telugu leader and visionary, late chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s vardhanthi was observed on September 7th, 2012 in Farmington, MI. The attendees paid homage by lighting jyothi and offering floral tributes to Dr. YSR followed by a moment of silence. YSR Congress Party supporters in Detroit who gathered at the ceremony remembered the golden regime of their beloved leader Dr YSR and recalled the popular welfare and developmental programs introduced by him.


Lingala Hariprasad Reddy, Vinod Kukunoor, Venkat Beeram, Sunil Manduti, Sivaram Yarlagadda, Yugandhar Bhumireddy, Purashotham Kukati, Vinod Atmakur, Srinivas Chittaluri, Jagan Konda, Srinivas Reddy Pidaparthy, Ravi Kiran, Nagender Gali, Vidyadhar Bujala, Venu Kagithala, Sekhar Pangaru, Srinivas Barla, Konda Reddy Thottireddy, Ramana Reddy Patelu, Sudhir and others organized the event.

They recalled the activities that were organized by the YSR Congress Party in the past one year to fight for the welfare of the people. They reiterated that YSR Congress Party belongs to the people of Andhra Pradesh and it is established to fulfill the welfare schemes for poor and to complete the popular long term projects set by their beloved leader Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy. Several local YSR congress party leaders and members expressed their grievance and emphasized the need to support JAGAN for the welfare of the state.

They expressed their hope that people of Andhra Pradesh will continue to stand by the young dynamic leader, YS Jagan who is relentlessly fighting for the successful implementation of welfare schemes that were introduced by the late chief minister Dr. YSR. “People of Andhra Pradesh have their hopes on YS Jagan to lead our state of AP out of present crisis and bring back the past glory” they added.

They outlined their plans and service activities that will be organized in the near future on the name of the great leader Dr. YSR.

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