2015: A bad year of Tollywood


Indeed, it is very bad year for Telugu Film Industry. It lost many talented actors, music directors, producers this year. Industry was so scared with their deaths that it even performed ‘Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam,’ but the deaths couldn’t be stopped till the last days of this year. Very few were passed away due to elderly age. Majority of them passed away unexpectedly in middle age while their career was in its peak position.


The tragic series has begun with sudden death of actor Ahuti Prasad in the very beginning of this year on January 4th. On the very next day, noted dialogues writer Ganesh Patro died. Then again in the same month producer VB Rajendra Prasad passed away on 12th. Film industry was shocked when hears about the sudden death of ace comedian MS Narayana on January 23rd.


Move Moghul and Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner Dr. Rama Naidu passed away on February 18th. And there was small interval in this tragic death series. It begins again in April month.


Young music director K Srinivas Chakravarthy, who is popularly known as Sri died on April 18th and within 48 hours noted audio designer Madusudhan Reddy died on 20th. And again on April 24th veteran producer Edida Nageswara Rao, who made many classic films passed away. Then, unfortunately Arti Agarwal, who proved her mettle as a great actress died while undergoing a surgery in USA on June 6th.


Veteran music director MS Viswanath passed away on July 14th. Film industry lost two veteran comedians in October. Kallu Chidambaram on 18th and Mada Venkateswara Rao on 24th. Young actor Prasahanth died accidentally on November 13th.


Veteran actor Ranganath, who spoke a lot about life and death, has committed suicide by hanging himself in his home on December 19th as he was very much upset with his beloved wife’s death few months earlier. While, the year is going to end shortly in few hours, young comedian Potti Rambabu suddenly died with brain stroke on December 28th.


This loss to film industry can’t be fulfilled in the near future as each and every one of them is very highly talented and great human beings as well. Let us hope, year 2016 will bless the Telugu Film Industry and gives success to all the people working in front of cameras and behind.