Shri Sai Baba Ashtothrams
- Meanings and Description





1. Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah  -  Lord Sai
Sainath is peace incarnate. Recitation of His name is a mantra which by itself is as purifying as a dip in Holy Ganges.


2. Om Shri Sai Laxmi Narayanana Namah   -  Goddess Lakshmi’s Consort
Sai Baba, The Absolute Truth and Reality, is the incarnation of Lord Narayan, Lakshmi’s consort, who has come to free man of his ego and realise his self.

3. Om Shri Sai Krishna-Rama-Shiva Marutyadirupa Namah-  Manifestation of Krishna-Rama-Shiva-Maruti

Lord Sainath, the universal Master, is Absolute Truth. He is Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, the One God with numerous names who takes various forms and shapes.

4. Om Shri Sai Sheshashayini Namah  -  Manifestation of Vishnu On Sheshanaga
Sai is Lord Vishnu, resting on the thousand-headed serpent. He is the Holiest of the Holy, and the Light of lights.

5. Om Shri Sai Godavaritata Shildhivasini Namah - Making Abode In Shirdi On Godavari Banks
Having made the banks of Godavari in Shirdi His Dwelling place, Sai Baba sheds His light and grace from there and attracts His devotees with love and purity.

6. Om Shri Sai Bhaktahridalaya Namah  – Dweller In Devotee’s Heart
Dwelling in every heart, Sai Baba wants each one to merge into HIm by shedding off one’s ego.

7. Om Shri Sai Sarvahrinnilaya Namah   – Dweller In all Beings
Sai Baba, the God who descended on earth to redeem mankind of all evils, dwells in the hearts of all beings, and guides their thoughts and actions which are merely expressions of the Divine and His energy.

8. Om Shri Sai Bhutavasaya Namah  – Dweller In all Living Creatures
Sai Baba dwells in the heart of all living creatures, and kindles the flame of love and devotion in those who surrender to Him.

9. Om Shri Sai Bhutabhavishyadbhava Varjitaya Namah  – Dispeller of Tormenting Thoughts
Sai Baba does not allow past and furture to torment the mind of His devotees, and inculcates into them the sublime emotion of devotion.

10. Om Shri Sai Kalatitaay Namah – Beyond Time Limitations
As the life breath of every soul, Sai Baba is beyond the limitations of time. He has no comparision, and is Infinite.

11. Om Shri Sai Kalaay Namah   – Time Incarnate
Sai Baba is beyond time, beyond human comprehension, and His ways are beyond the reach of human mind and intellect. His divine time is beyond measure and is limitless.

12. Om Shri Sai Kalakaalaay Namah – Lord of Eternity
Sai Baba is Absolute Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. He is ever present in all beings. He is all pervading, having no beginning or end. He is Lord of Eternity.

13. Om Shri Sai Kaladarpadamanaay Namah  – Destroyer of the Pride of Death
As Master of the universe, Sai destroys the evil spirit in man, so that he can transcend the worldly pleasures and overcome the pride of death.

14. Om Shri Sai Mrityunjaya Namah  – Conqueror of Death
Sai is beyond time and space, life and death. All elements of nature are subservient to His will.

15. Om Shri Sai Amartya Namah  -  Immortal
Sai Baba is Omniscient and Omnipresent, without attributes or forms. He has no beginning or end, and is immortal.

16. Om Shri Sai Matya-Bhay-Pradaay Namah  – Granter of Freedom From Fear of Death.
By making Sai Baba the sole object of one’s thoughts and actions, one can be freed from the fear of death.

17. Om Shri Sai Jeevadhaaraay Namah  -  Support of all Living Beings.
Sai Baba supports and sustains all living beings. He brings succour to one and all and offers them shelter under His umbrella of love and bliss.

18. Om Shri Sai Sarvadharaay Namah  – Support of the Universe
Sai Baba is everywhere and at all times. Though His physical body no longer remains, Sai tatva remains dormant in the whole universe and comes to the support of the needy.

19. Om Shri Sai Bhataava Samarthaay Namah  – Bestower of Capacity to Achieve Results.
If a devotee meditates on Sai Baba with full faith and concentration, the merciful, compassionate Sai will grant spiritual power to Him.

20. Om Shri Sai Bhataavan Pratigynaay Namah  – One Who has Promised Protection to Devotees
Sai Baba lights the lamp of love and affection among the destitude, showering them with His grace and blessings, and dispelling their gloom. He who has vowed to protect His disciples is a beacon to them and leads them and leads them to self-realisation.

21. Om Shri Sai Anna-Vastra-Daay Namah  – Bestower of Food and Clothing.
Sai Baba given a commitment that there shall be no dearth of food and clothing in the houses of His devotees. He is ever conscious of their needs and sustains them with His grace and benevolence.

22. Om Shri Sai Arogya-Kshemdaay Namah – Bestower of Health and Happiness.
Sai Baba, provides health and happiness to His devotees. His Udi, the spirituality power-packed ashes, acts as a panacea of all ailments of body and soul.

23. Om Shri Sai Dhan-Maangalya-Pradaay Namah  – Granter of Wealth and Well-being.
If one takes to Baba with all one’s heart and soul, He bestows on him not only worldly possessions, but also spiritual wealth, i.e.m Brahm Gyaan.

24. Om Shri Sai Riddhi-Siddhi-Daay Namah  – Bestower of Spiritual Psychic Powers.
Blessed is he who has become one with Him. Sai bestows spiritual-psychic powers on one who surrenders unto Him totally.

25. Om Shri Sai Putra-Mitra-Kaltra-Bandhu-Daay Namah  – Granter of Sons, Friends, Wives and Kin.
Sai Baba is ever caring for those who place implicit faith in Him. He grants sons, friends, wives and kin, to those who pray to Him sincerely.

26. Om Shri Sai Yogakshem-Vahaay Namah – Provider and Sustainer of Yogic Powers.
Sai Baba undertakes the responsibility of providing for and sustaining the devotees, leading them on the virtuous path to God realisation.

27. Om Shri Sai Apad-Bandhavaay Namah   – Protector of the Distressed.
Like a true friend, Sai Baba gives His devotees courage, succour and solace to face the vicissitudes of life with hope and aspirations.

28. Om Shri Sai Maarg-Bandhave Namah  – Companion On Life’s Path.
Sai Baba leads the true followers on the path of virtue, to realise the Self and attain eternal bliss and oneness with the Omniscient.

29. Om Shri Sai Bhukti-Mukti Swargapravargadaya Namah - Bestower of Worldly Pleasures and Salvation.
Sai Baba grants His devotees what they desire, and at the same time guides them on the virtuous path of seeking realisation of the self. He bestows salvation, and the nectar of bliss.

30. Om Shri Sai Priyaay Namah  -  Beloved.
Sai Baba is an embodiment of pure love – the love that permeates the heart and soul of His devotees, who in sheer ecstasy consider Him their very own and look to Him as their Beloved.

31. Om Shri Sai Priti-Vardhanaay Namah  - Provider of Boundless Love.
Sai Baba Provides the capacity for boundless love. His message of harmony, unity and love is vibrantly alive in the minds of His devotees.

32. Om Shri Sai Antaryamine Namah -  Knower of Innermost Secrets.
Sai Baba, eternally existent, knows the innermost secrets of the heart, and is the revealer of truth. He is knowledge personified. He is Omniscient and Omnipresent.

33. Om Shri Sai Sachchidatmane Namah  -  Symbol of Truth and Pure Consciousness.
Sainath personifies truth and pure consciousness. He preaches that no religion is higher than truth, the inner Self is the same in all people – realise this.

34. Om Shri Sai Nityaananda Namah -  Eternal Bliss
Sai Baba is the bosom of bliss in which devotees pray for a small corner to reside in.

35. Om Shri Sai Param-Sukh-Daay Namah -  Bestower of Supreme Happiness
On anyone who takes to Him, Sai bestows knowledge and wisdom, and takes him beyond the ocean of mundane existence, thus providing divine bliss.

36. Om Shri Sai Parameshwaraay Namah – Supreme Lord
Sainath is the indisputable Supreme Lord, the father of the Universe.

37. Om Shri Sai Parabrahmane Namah  -  Absolute Lord.
Sai Baba is the Brahman, who is Maya, formless, and is in everything. He fills all space and is Omnipresent.

38. Om Shri Sai Parmaatmane Namah  -  Supreme Self.
Sai abides in the heart of everyone. From Him emanate memory, knowledge and their absence. He is beyond the destructible, and commands reverence from all.

39. Om Shri Sai Gyaan-Swaroopine Namah – Embodiment of Knowledge.
Sai Baba, the Eternal Being, is the personification of pure knowledge. He is eternal, pure, immovable and imperishable.

40. Om Shri Sai Jagat-Pita Namah  – Father of the Universe
Lord Sainath is the Venerable Father of the Universe who loves those who seek refuge in Him.

41. Om Shri Sai Bhaktanaam Maatru-Dhaatru-Pitamahay Namah – Mother, Bearer and Great Sire of Devotees.
When a devotee cries out to Sai in distress, Sai baba, like a mother who brings up her child lovingly, and like a grandfather who dotes on his grandchild, responds instantly with love and affection.

42. Om Shri Sai Bhakta-Bhay-Praday Namah  -  Granter of Freedom from Fear.
If one has complete faith in Sai Baba, He will take him beyond the seven seas, beyond fear, and beyond worldly matters.

43. Om Shri Sai Bhakta-Pradadhinaay Namah  -  Subservient to Devotees.
If one places absolute faith in Baba and surrenders heart and soul to Him, Baba reciprocates to him and becomes his servant.

44. Om Shri Sai Bhaktanugrahkatraay Namah -  Showerer of Grace on Devotees.
The mystic phenomenon that is Sai Baba, is ever eager to bless and shower grace on His devotees, and comes to their help in the hour of their need.

45. Om Shri Sai Sharnagatvatsalaay Namah -  Lover of Refuge Seeker.
A person who seeks refuge in Sai Baba, by surrendering unto Him totally, and by shedding off his ego, becomes entitled to His abounding love and affection.

46. Om Shri Sai Bhakti-Shakti-Praday Namah -  Granter of Devotion and Power.
By losing one’s fasle individually into the ocean of cosmic divine personality, one attains enormous powers which enables one to reach heights and achieve impossible results.

47. Om Shri Sai Gyaan-Vairaagya-Daay Namah – Bestower of Knowledge and Detachment.
Sai Baba, personifying knowledge and wisdom, frees man from worldly desires by giving them what they want so that they may learn to want what He wants to give them.

48. Om Shri Sai Prempradaay Namah -  Granter of Love.
Sai teaches no creed, is not the founder of any sect, and reveres all religions. He preaches love and noble deeds, showering limitless love on His devotees.

49. Om Shri Sai Sanshay Hriday Dourbalya Paapkarma Vaasnaa-Kshyakaraay Namah -  Obliterator of Doubts, Weakness of Heart, Sinful Acts and Evil Desires.
Sai Baba of Shirdi dispels doubts, evil thoughts and deeds, and ignorance if one surrenders to Him in total faith. Only then will he experience divine bliss.

50. Om Shri Sai Hriday-Granthi-Bhedkaay Namah – Remover of Knots in Hearts.
Sai Baba gives His devotees an illumination that makes them aware of God, of self, and helps them to conquer their ego, thereby giving them ultimate realisation.

51. Om Shri Sai Karma-Dhavansine Namah – Remover of Evil Effects of Sins of Previous Lives.
Sai Baba forgives all Sins, and even destroys the ill-effects of Bad karmas of previous births.

52. Om Shri Sai Shuddha Satvasthitaay Namah -  Established in Pure Truths and Thougts.
Sai inspires and generates pure and pious thoughts in His devotees, guiding them on the virtuous path, to transcend the highest order of their lives.

53. Om Shri Sai Gunantita Gunaatmane Namah -  Virtuous and Attributeless.
Endowed with all virtues and yet attributeless, Sai Baba is an incarnation of Lord Shive. The Good Lord incarnates age after age to redeem mankind from sins.

54. Om Shri Sai Anant Kalyaan-Gunaay Namah -  Limitless Virtues.
Sai Baba is resplendent with virtuous attributes that are limitless, and He has limitless forms, filling all vast spaces.

55. Om Shri Sai Amit-Paraakramaay Namah  -  Unlimited Supreme Power.
Lord Sainath, the Fakir of Shirdi, is the store house of power. His name denotes absolute power.

56. Om Shri Sai Jayine Namah  -  Personification of Victory.
Sai Baba is the infinite ocean of peace, and for Him there is no defeat or failure. He is ever victorious as He is supreme.

57. Om Shri Sai Durdharsha-Kshobhyayaay Namah  - Unchallengable and Unshakeable.
Sai Baba is in everything and everything is His. Every thougt is His, every impulse is His. He is unchallengable and impossible to defy.

58. Om Shri Sai Aparaajitaay Namah -  Unconquerable.
Sai Baba is second to none. His ways and means are many. See Him in every Soul to attain one’s spiritual goal.

59. Om Shri Sai Trilokeshu Avidhaatgataye Namah - Lord of the Three Worlds Without Obstruction.
Sai Baba, Lord of the three worlds, is the personification of dharma, leading His devotees along the correct path without any impediment.

60. Om Shri Sai Ashakyaahitaay Namah  -   For Whom Nothing is Impossible.
Sai Baba, the gentle incarnation of Lord Shiva, is all powerful, all pervading, all embracing, and all merciful. For Him, nothing is impossible for everything is as He will.

61. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Shakti-Murtaye Namah -  Almighty.
Lord Sainath is Absolute, the Supreme Self, who is All-Powerful and Unconquerable.

62. Om Shri Sai Suroop-Sundaraay Namah -  Beautiful Form.
Sainath, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, is of unique splendour, whose eyes are beautiful and magnetic, drawing crowds to His abode in great swarms

63. Om Shri Sai Sulochana Namah  -  With Beautiful Eyes
Sai Baba, the gentle Lord of Shirdi, has beautiful, yet powerful eyes. His glance is auspicious, and His eyes are illuminous, bright and shinning with spiritual power.

64. Om Shri Sai Bahuroop-Vishwa-Murtaye Namah  -  Protean
Sai Baba, manifests in the form of universe itself and is the Master of existence. His is a unique phenomenon on the horizon of spirituality.

65. Om Shri Sai Arupaa-Vyaktaay Namah  -  Formless and Indescribable.
Sai Baba, whose image cannot be bound in words, and whose knowledge has touched beyond the far-reaching universe, and unfathomable depths of ocean, is beyond vision and human comprehension.

66. Om Shri Sai Achintayaay Namah  -  Inconceivable.
Sai Baba, who has attained Mahasamadhi, is inconceivable and incomprehensible, and is beyond description. He is attributeless and Truth personified.

67. Om Shri Sai Sookshamaay Namah -  Subtle and all Pervasive.
Sai is pervading the whole earth in a subtle form. If one experiences Oneness with Him in one’s everyday life, it is due to the grace of God.

68. Om Shri Sai Sarvaantaryaamine Namah  – Dweller in Every Creature.
Since Sai Baba dwells in the heart of every living creature, He wants one to forget one’s body consciousness and merge one’s mind, body, intellect and ego in His consciousness.

69. Om Shri Sai Manovaagtitaay Namah  -  Transcends Mind and Speech.
Sai Baba knows the past, present and future of every animate and inanimate object as He dwells in them all. He is familiar with the devotee’s past, thought and speech.

70. Om Shri Sai Prem-Murtaye Namah  -  Embodiment of Love.
Sai represents pure love and truth. One who ever concentrates on Him will be clothed with a panoply of spiritual armour.

71. Om Shri Sai Sulabh-Durlabhaay Namah - Easy to Reach, Difficult to Approach.
Sai Baba has enjoined in His devotees to give up their cleverness and approach Him with a single heart, when He would be easily accessible.

72. Om Shri Sai Asahaay-Sahaayaay Namah -  Supporter of the Helpless.
By casting all one’s burdens unto the all-knowing Sainath, one can be assured of full support and sustenance from Him.

73. Om Shri Sai Anaath-Naath-Din-Bandhave Namah -  Protector of the Unprotected.
Sainath had said, “Why should any fear, when I am there? Cast all burdens onto Me and I shall bear with them.” The truth of His undertaking is experienced by His devotees every moment.

74. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Bhaar-Bhrute Namah  -  Accepter of all Burdens.
Ingrevious trouble, if one prays to Sainath for succour, He comes to him immediately, providing sustenance, and relieving him of distress.

75. Om Shri Sai Akarmaa-Nek-Karmasu-Karmine Namah – Inspiration for Virtuous Deeds.
Sai Baba is non-doer, yet He inspires others to perform virtuous deeds. He is beyond duality.

76. Om Shri Sai Punya-Shravan-Kirtanaay Namah -  Sai Evokes Religious Fervour.
Hearing and speaking of Sai Baba’s glories evokes religious merit. The divine name is the greatest saviour in this Kaliyug. The name redeems the fallen. It is a panacea for all ills of life.

77. Om Shri Sai Tirthaay Namah – Embodiment of Holy Places.
Sai Baba is all pervading, and an embodiment of all holy places. Worship at His lotus feet gives one the same merits as of going to holy places and bathing in holy waters.

78. Om Shri Sai Vasudevaay Namah – Incarnation of Vasudeva.
Sainath is Vasudeva, or Lord Krishna. His very name generates a flood of divine love and splendour in one’s heart.

79. Om Shri Sai Sataangataye Namah  – Resort of the Virtuous.
Obeisance at Sai Baba’s feet leads the devotee onto the virtuous path and the final goal of his life.

80. Om Shri Sai Satparaaynaay Namah  -  Truth Incarnate.
Sai Baba, fully dedicated to truth, carried on His mission of destroying distress, strengthening faith, and establishing truth among His devotees.

81. Om Shri Sai Lok-Naathaay Namah  – Lord of the Universe.
Sai Baba, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, is the creator, protector and destroyer of everything in the universe. He is all powerful, all pervading – the Supreme Lord.

82. Om Shri Sai Paavanaandhyaay Namah – Pure and Free From Sins.
Sai Baba desires that devotees who want Him, should follow the path of pure devotion and attain spirituality.

83. Om Shri Sai Amrutaanshave Namah  – Bestower of Immortality.
Sainath lights the lamp of wisdom in His devotees’ minds, dispelling desires, and helping to experience heavenly bliss and ultimate beatitude, for He is the bestower of immortality.

84. Om Shri Sai Bhaaskar-Prabhaay Namah  -  Lustrous like the Sun.
Lord Sai, the dispeller of sheer ignorance, who helps one to merge one’s individuality in the universal Being, is lustrous like the sun.

85. Om Shri Sai Brahmachaarya Tapascharyaadi Suvrataay Namah – Celibate, Ascetic with Other High Spiritual Disciplines.
Sai Baba adopts celibacy, ascetism and other spiritual practices, and responds to the divine call, attaining God-realisation and Godhood.

86. Om Shri Sai Satya-Dharm-Paraaynaay Namah – Engrossed in Truth and Righteousness.
If one sincerely follows Sai Baba’s teachings, one’s nescience will disappear – replaced by strong waves of devotion and love, and righteous conduct.

87. Om Shri Sai Siddheshwaraay Namah  – Lord of Spiritual Powers.
Sai Baba descended on earth as an incarnation of Lord Shiva who is endowed with full Riddhis and Siddhi. Devotees who take to Baba, automatically acquire supernatural powers.

88. Om Shri Sai Siddha-Sankalpaay Namah  – Whose Will Prevails.
Sai Baba shows His devotees the path which provides new strength. He involves the most creative minds, enlightening them with the knowledge of God’s love.

89. Om Shri Sai Yogeshwaraay Namah -  Incarnation of Shiva and Krishna.
Sai Baba is the incarnation of Shiva and Krishna. One may call Him by any name one likes. He incarnates repeatedly for the benefit of mankind.

90. Om Shri Sai Bhagvate Namah -  Possessor of Divine Glory
Sai Baba, the Fakir of Shirdi, is Existence Absolute, Consciousness Absolute and Bliss Absolute. He is ever pure, is beyond illusion, is formless and is without taint. He is Divinity, the Supreme Lord.

91. Om Shri Sai Bhakta-Vatsalaay Namah – Full of Love for Devotees.
Sai Baba, the personification of purity and Divine love, persuades His devotees to merge into Him with full faith and realise Divine bliss.

92. Om Shri Sai Satpurushaay Namah  – Virtuous, Pious and Venerable One.
Sai Baba is most virtuous and noble. He is the absolute, attributeless, having no name or residence, yet resides in all.

93. Om Shri Sai Purushottamaay Namah -  Incarnation of Purushottama.
Sai Baba is God Incarnate, who took the incarnation of Purushottama (Lord Rama) to establish righteouosness. As Sai Baba descended on earth to enlighten His children and give them self-knowledge.

94. Om Shri Sai Satya-Tatva-Bodh-Kaay Namah – Preceptor of The Essence of Truth and Reality.
Sai Baba, the Incarnation of Lord Shiva, Who came to Shirdi as Fakir is self existent, self luminous truth.

95. Om Shri Sai Kamadi-Shad-Vairi-Dhvansine Namah – Destroyer of Worldly Desire.
Sai Baba is the destroyer of six worldly desires of man – lust, anger, greed, hatred, pride and envy. When the ego is tammed, one can realise one’s self.

96. Om Shri Sai Abheda-Nanadaanubhav-Pradaay Namah – Bestower of Bliss.
Sai Baba, an Incarnation of Lord Shiva bestows Bliss on His devotees. This Bliss can be realised from oneness with God. In the egoless state, all actions are joyous, effortless and spontaneous.

97. Om Shri Sai Sam-Sarva-Mat-Samtaay Namah - Preacher of Equality of all Faiths.
To Sainath, the Incarnation of Lord Shiva, all religious faiths are equal, and led to the same destination of God – Realisation.

98. Om Shri Sai Dakshina-Murtaye Namah – Lord Dakshina Murti.
Sai Baba is an incarnation of Dakshina Murti (Lord Shiva). He descended to the earth in the human form to enlighten man and guide him in realizing the Self.

99. Om Shri Sai Venkatesh-Ramanaay Namah -  Lord Venkateshwara
Sai Nath remains merged in Lord Venkateshawara who is Lord Vishnu, the Infinite, the Absolute Supreme, Being pervading the whole universe.

100. Om Shri Sai Adbutaanant-Charchaay Namah- Performer of Marvellous and Blissful Deeds.
Sai Baba is the symbol of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. He is capable of performing Infinite and Marvellous Deeds.

101. Om Shri Sai Prapannarti-Haraay Namah  – Eradicator of Distress.
Whoever takes refuge in Him, Sainath takes his burden on Himself and provide him relief from the vicissitudes of life.

102. Om Shri Sai Sansara Sarva-Dukh-Kshaya-Karaay Namah – Destroyer of all Calamities.
Sai Baba, Who infuges love and wisdom in man, destroyes every calamity and suffering, thus granting bliss to mankind.

103. Om Shri Sai Sarvit-Sarvato-Mukhaay Namah – Omniscient and Omnipresent.
Sai Baba, the Supreme Lord, teaches man not to think of the past or future, but to live intensely in the present, for He is all pervading and all knowing.

104. Om Shri Sai Sarvantarbahi Sthitaay Namah - All Pervading.
The Lord has manifested Himself in the form of Sai Baba. He is the Divine Mother and Father. He stays inside and outside all beings.

105. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Mangal-Karaay Namah – Cause of Auspiciousness.
Sai Baba, the Great Benefactor, grants one the power to transcend one’s ego and attachment to personal benefits, and bestows auspiousness all round.

106. Om Shri Sai Sarvaa-Bhisht-Pradaay Namah -  Fulfiller of all Desires.
Sainath responds to all prayers, granting all desires, so that His devotee may turn to His way of teaching and what He is likes them to do.

107. Om Shri Sai Samaras-Sanmaarg-Sthapanaay Namah – Establisher of Amity.
Sai establishes Amity and Harmony amongst followers of diverse religions. He advocates the practice of performing one’s duty and living amongst people with amity and understanding.

108. Om Shri Sai Samarth Sadguru Sainathaay Namah - Supreme and Powerful Guru.
Sainath is the Supreme and all Powerful Master Who had came to earth to redeem mankind of His misery and to take him to Godhead.
End of 108 Mantra of shirdi sai baba .Shirdi saibaba has blessed you.. Be confident aum shirdi vaasaayasa vidhmahee , sachidhaa nandaa yasa dheemahee, dhano saayee praso dhayaath "aum sadhguru sai ram, sai naath maharaaj ki jai "

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