I Me Myself and Solitude


Set aside some time from your busy schedule and get reacquainted with yourself!

Every human is destined to be alone at some point of time in his/her  life. It’s just that we don’t want to realise and accept it, because it is very difficult to feel that we are alone and be alone. Not many are willing to understand the importance of being alone in life as we are all social beings and it is fun to be in the company of colleagues, friends and family. To be alone is not a desirable option. But often when being alone it helps unclog one’s mind and listen to everything that is happening and -not happening around you. A good way to get started is to stay in a dark room or a room with curtains closed for a few minutes every day. No noise, no talking, no visual or aural stimulation, just the unique experience of being with yourself and by yourself.

Looking at solitude from a fresh angle we will understand its numerous benefits.

* This is one of the best ways to unwind and put one’s mind in auto pilot cruise control mode , as it allows one to put off the routine issues aside momentarily and makes one feel at ease with one’s self.

* By doing this we gain a solid approach and confidence to do things as we gain independence of mind.

Take out the “I, me, myself “time periodically. You could define that time based on your work schedule and comfort .When we make out those few days every year to spend time with our families it would be wonderful if the same holiday be given to yourself –alone. Take that holiday for yourself it could be a small holiday somewhere close to nature,  the beach ,a resort, if you love trekking -  a trip up the hills, near a river or forest. The idea of being close to nature helps us in revitalising our mind, body and soul and refresh the thought process and come back fully charged.

It may be difficult and feel empty but when done like a scheduled practice it works wonders on our outlook. This concept is not new to us , the sages would go for their spiritual retreats in the forest and come back more powerful and divine. The same way if we are alone... only with the self, diving deep within  we return though the situations remains the same ,our outlook towards it changes to a large extent.

Connect with your inner soul.Try being alone .Don’t hold  yourself back .Think about what makes you...you. Spend time asking yourself for advice; you will need less input from others. Every person has an inner voice that talks to them all the time. When you connect with your inner soul - you will also notice a heightened intuition which is very useful. When you trust yourself to solve problems , you become a much stronger and more confident person and you take on challenges that you wouldn’t have felt capable of facing earlier.

It fosters creativity. It is a known fact that many legendary people discovered great things when they were alone. Sir Isaac Newton was alone under the apple tree when the apple fell and he discovered the Law of Gravitation. A crowd surrounds you , yet you are walking alone. It doesn’t mean that you separate yourself from the rest of the world, you need to detach yourself and experience solitude! Alone time is our chance to do all the things we personally enjoy nd it’s the perfect way to pamper our senses..In short being alone is a welcome change of pace .

Feel it, enjoy it and Keep going...

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