Me, I, I am Exploring within.. Unknown Dragon - Anger


Friends as I mentioned in my second article when we say " it's MY RESPONSIBILITY ", When there is heaviness in the shoulders instead of lightness. It's very important for us to look into what could be the reason for this heaviness. We identified Guilt could be one of the issues. Next 'could be' issue that comes into my mind is Anger.

Just as in the case of Guilt, all the times the issue at work(the simple issue we took to work on "it's my responsibility ")we took may not be the reason for triggering anger. The issue has created heaviness in the shoulders and the deep rooted cause for the heaviness could be Anger. 

Anger is a very important emotion that needs to be addresses. Most of the times Anger is suppressed , controlled or redirected. It's assumed that  Anger is a negative emotion. Let me tell you that Anger is just an emotion it's "energy in motion", we should allow the energy to flow. So the question here is where and how.


In this article we will try little tips on how to handle Anger and in the following articles will learn more on roots that trigger Anger.

When Anger starts showing its face, we are the first ones to know and feel. We can feel the muscles tightening, stiffness in the jaws,tightening of fists. We can also blood rushing to the face and the when Anger is in its peak you can as well feel the hot air fuming out through your ears.So now that we started sensing its presence It's very important channel the Anger appropriately. 

For people who have the habit of suppressing it need to learn to express it and allow the anger to move out. Such people have the habit of holding the anger in jaws. And other joints in the body. Have you ever notice? People who appear to be very pleasant and never show any signs of anger suffer with arthritis and other joint related problem? This is because energy that is generated goes and sits at these joints and after certain point they will not be able to move!!!!

And for people who are in the habit of expressing it, most of the times expressed inappropriately. Mostly on people around, children, subordinates people whom they assume, are powerless!!!


First it's important for you to feel the anger allow the anger to move, slowly start taking few deep breaths. This will definitely help, but Anger likes action, so it's a good idea to choose to do pillow hitting. Journaling the thoughts that come out is one way of allowing the anger to move out. Finding a private place verbal let out is also a good idea.  Allow the anger to move.........

Think of any creative ways of expressing the anger and just ensure that it doesn't find any place in your body....... Learn to mould the energy.

Once I decided to write the next article on Anger............. I became so much conscious about it. The moment I was conscious it was very easy for me to handle it. It just melted out........ I actually was thankful for what ever triggered anger in me........ It has given me an opportunity to work and resolve on that issue, may be very deep rooted.

So friends Anger is a wonderful opportunity right within us which gives us and indicates to work on ourselves........ Will learn more in the next article.

Nagavalli Cherukuri

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