HydnSec Insomnia Oct 2- 9  

TIME TO BLOW OUT THE CANDLES: Speaker Suresh Reddy and Bobby Kandhari are all set to bring in their birthdays on October 6 and 7 respectively. And as they turn a year younger, Bobby has decided to party hard. What’s up with the speaker? Flowers, and some more flowers, will adorn his House on that day! Get it? We said it with a capital ‘h’. hydoct1

Tuesday was a hectic day for the city’s party animals. First a lunch was given in honour of Hyma Reddy, Hyderabad’s favourite NRI, by Uma Reddy at Haiking. Hyma is such a busy lady that her schedule is full for the next two weeks. She is so popular that even actor Balakrishna called her up the other day to catch up.



IFTAR PARTY – The man for all seasons, Suket Gujral, had his Iftar party for close pals. The food was predictably lipsmacking, and the man made it all himself. No music, no liquor, but a whole lot of chatter and laughter set the tone for the evening. Spotted Sunila, Savita Menon, Mickey and Ranju Sharma, Sherry Zaveri, Kavita Golecha and others. Kavita Reddy, Bobby and Sunny, Kamini and Sumanth, Asad Latif, Vimla and Kishen, Sherry and Vinay Khanna were some of the other guests who turned up.

ART has no boundaries. It can gel with sports or music, setting a rhythm that inspires as it entertains. At Deepa Nath’s arty do, this rhythm reverberated, leaving everyone under a spell. Here, Lata Reddy, Meera Bhopal, Vani and Shrillu added the societal view while Palam Raju and Nadandla Manohar lent the political hue.