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Dedication Of Shradda Das In Discussion
Among the happening heroines in Tollywood, we have this sexy beauty Shradda Das making her presence felt despite the fact that she is scoring only flops.
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తెలుగు తెర మరపురాని మహానటుడు ఎస్వీ రంగారావు
ఘటోత్కచుడు, కీచకుడు, రావణాసురుడు, హిరణ్యకశిపుడు ఈ పాత్రలు తలుచుకోగానే నిలువెత్తు రూపం కళ్లముందు సాక్షాత్కరిస్తుంది. నటయశస్వి, నటనా సామ్రాట్, విశ్వనట చక్రవర్తి ఇవన్నీ నటనా ప్రపంచలో ఆయనకొచ్చిన బిరుదు.
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Without Annayya I’m Not Here –Pawan
Since Pawan Kalyan made his entry as Janasena President and made stunning comment against the then ruling Congress party and pledged to uproot them from power
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Ravi Teja Calls “Tiger” And Appreciates
Whenever a good film is made, our big star heroes have this tendency of calling up those heroes and director to convey their wishes.
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Subrahmanyam For Sale From Aug 28th
For his close features with uncle Chiranjeevi, youngster Sai Dharam Tej is always looked like a Jr Megastar by the humongous fan group.
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Anchor Rashmi’s Village Belle Avatar
Popular for her hot antics on TV show “Jabardasth”, anchor Rashmi Gautham is lounging to jump into acting bandwagon from a long time.
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