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Spot Look: NTR Just Rocked It
From a time it is being spread that Jr NTR will be presented in a terrific new look in his 25th film which is being directed by Sukumar.
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Jayasudha Pushes Blame On Makers
Dear son, since you have learnt from the consequences of trusting the wrong people, I wish you better luck next time. I am sure that with hard work
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Raashi Khanna Gets Mega Break
Delhi girl, chubby Raashi Khanna is going in right direction after making a thunderous debut with Oohalu Gusagusalade.
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రాజమౌళి సృష్టించిన విలన్స్ లో 'భళ్లాలదేవనే' పవర్ ఫుల్
రాజమౌళి సృష్టించిన విలన్స్ లో 'భళ్లాలదేవనే'...................................
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మెగా హీరో 'కంచె' పూర్తి
'ముకుంద' చిత్రంతో ఎంట్రీ ఇచ్చాడు మెగా బ్రదర్ నాగాబాబు తనయుడు వ‌రుణ్‌తేజ్‌. ఆ సినిమా బాక్సాఫీసు ద‌గ్గ‌ర వ‌సూళ్లు రాబ‌ట్ట‌లేక‌పోయినా.. వ‌రుణ్ మాత్రం ఓకే అనిపించుకొన్నాడు.
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Rajamouli Mahesh Film - Not Really!!
Even the biggest of media houses have today claimed that creative genius Rajamouli is going to combing hands with Superstar Mahesh after he wraps up Baahubali.
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