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Koratala Siva Gives A Damn About Sentiments
Sentiments and Telugu film industry go hand in hand. One such sentiment is that any director debuting with a blockbuster flick has to score a sensational utter flop with second
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Notice That New Glow On Trisha’s Face
To promote her forthcoming Tamil release, titled Sakala Kala Vallavan, dusky Chennai siren Trisha is moving earth and heaven at the moment. Well, this is in terms of appearing too
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SCOOP: That’s A Warning To Prabhas
Hardcore fans of Prabhas are at the moment celebrating things like their star hero meeting Prime Minister Modi and famous Forbes magazine writing an article on the talented hunk
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బోయపాటి బన్నీ మొదలెట్టారు
బోయపాటి శ్రీను దర్శకత్వంలో బన్నీ సినిమా షూటింగ్ మొదలైంది. రామోజీ ఫిలింసిటీలో ఈ సినిమా చిత్రీకరణ జరుపుకొంటు౦ది. చాలా రోజుల పాటు శ్రమించి ఈ సినిమా స్క్రిప్ట్ తీర్చిదిద్దాడు బోయపాటి శ్రీను. బద్రీనాథ్ తర్వాత అల్లు అరవింద్ నిర్మిస్తున్న సినిమా
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I Can Walk Into Nag’s House Anytime -Shriya
Claiming her proximity with King Nagarjuna, heroine Shriya Saran has claimed that she could walk into King Nagarjuna’s house at any given time. She explains
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Mahesh Says- No TV, No Hindi, Only Sambar!!
Superstar Mahesh is for the first time having his movie released on same day in Tamil, albeit dubbing version. His Srimanthudu is getting released in the Tamil arena under
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