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Movie Name: Donga Ramudu
Director : D.Madhusudan Rao
Music Director : null
Actors: A.N.R, Savitri, Jaggaiah, Jamuna, Suryakaantham an
Copyrights : teluguone
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Paid Members : $1.75 Registered Members : $2.5
Description :
Nageswara Rao is mischievous right from his childhood. Stealing fruit from the groves and petty thefts were all he did to pass his time. With no money for getting his mother treated, this young lad lands behind the bars on charges of robbery. He has a younger sister (Jamuna) whom he considers synonymous to his life. With nobody to look after the girl lands up in an orphanage. The brother and sister then meet after the latter is released from prison. Nageswara Rao earns himself a job at Relangi's place and Jamuna too gets married to the rich Jaggaiah. Nageswara Rao loses his job here on the charges of theft. Appointed as a driver at Jaggaiah's place, he is sacked again on the charges of robbery of costly jewels and also of committing a murder!!
How the protagonist proves his innocence forms the crust of the remaining story.