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Movie Name: Gharana Mogudu
Director : K. Raghavendra Rao
Music Director : M.M.Keeravani
Actors: Chiranjeevi, Nagma, Vani Vishwanath
Copyrights :
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Description :
Raju(Chiru) as a labour at sea-port.After involving in a fight for money, raju quits his job and starts looking for a new one.On his way, he saves RaoGopalRao from goons and in return is offered a job at his factory, which is inturn managed by RaoGopalRao's head-strong daughter, Naghma.
Raju manages to get this job after couple of attempts and within notime, becomes popular among the workers.One day, when a worker is injured during work, raju uses naghma's car in emergency to rush him to hospital.Naghma, unable to bear the fact that someone else touched her car, slaps raju and sets her car ablaze.Raju returns her slap and teaches her a lesson.Furious naghma decides to take revenge on raju. She blackmails his mother emotionally and forces raju into marriage, but teases him by keeping him away from marital life.
Meanwhile, sarath saxena, who planned to marry naghma for her wealth tries every possible method to kick Raju out of naghma's place and also factory.Nahma's secretary, vani viswanath who is close to raju, creates jealousy in naghma's mind and naghma in a drunken state submits herself to raju.
In the end naghma realizes that she's pregnant and raju saves her and the factory from fire set by villains.This film took Chiru to heights of stardom. After this film, he was the highest paid actor in india.
Music by keeravani was an instant hit, especially, Bangaru Kodipetta was the most popular song of that year.Situational comedy, slick direction helped this film in being a bigger hit. Chiru's mannerisms like edi, face O saari turning ichuko and saying Namastha with one.