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Movie Name: Ullasamga-Utsahamga
Director: A. Karunakaran
Music Director : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Actors: Yasho Sagar, Sneha Ullal, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Ash
Copyrights : www.teluguone.com
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Description :
Dhanalakshmi (Sneha Ullal) is the lone daughter of a landlord who has over Rs 50 crore property. As she lost her mother in her childhood, her father marries another woman (Kavitha). However, Dhana faces neglect from her stepmother. After Dhana's father passes away, there is no one to console her and the only friend who showed affection was Balaji. He too leaves her after she completes her Class X. After Dhana grew up, she bequeaths her father's property and her mother eyes it and wanted to marry Dhana against her wishes. So Dhana escapes from house and takes shelter in her friend's house in Hyderabad. Aravind (Yasho Sagar), son of a mechanic, who moves like a vagabond with friends sans any responsibility. He comes across Dhana and loses his heart to her. However, after a few encounters, Dhana gets caught by her stepmother and when she was about take her away, Aravind helps her from the abduction with the help of police. This makes Dhana to befriend with Aravind and she reveals her childhood friendship and tells Aravind that she is in love with Balaji and can't imagine any other in his place. After refusal, Aravind decides to go to Kolkata in search of a job and at the same time, Dhana also comes to know that Balaji is in Kolkata. They both again meet in train and accidentally Dhana misses the train during the journey. So Aravind helps her reach Kolkata to meet her childhood friend Balaji. In the process, Aravind gets severely hurt in the hands of a criminal, who tries to implicate Dhana in a narcotics case. Later, Aravind takes Dhana to Balaji's house in Kolkata. Dhana's stepmother also reaches Kolkata and agrees for Dhana's marriage with Balaji. When the marriage was about to take place, Dhana realises that her stepmother enacted a drama and created a fake Balaji to impress Dhana. Again Aravind comes to her rescue and at that time Dhana realises that she was in love with Aravind and the film ends on a happy note with the success of love between Dhana and Aravind.
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