Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage!



All of you have come across people who looked svelte when single and suddenly gain those extra pounds once they are happily married. Ever wondered why is this is such a common phenomenon? While there might be reasons varying from person to person. There are some predominantly similar ones too. After following a group of newlyweds for four years, the researchers recently found that the happier you are in your marriage, the more likely it is that you will gain some extra weight. In other words, people who are dating are more likely to stay slender to keep the attention of their partner. Couples who are happy, satisfied and secure in their marriage are more likely to gain weight because they no longer feel any pressure to attract the partner and are quite assured of their lives with each other.

Another reason could be that like they say love comes in through the stomach. Many women, when they get married, start baking and making all sorts of delicious meals, sweet treats and other fattening foods that are really tasty, but pile up fat around the waist. Many people don’t even realize how much weight have they gained until they step on the scale. Until then, they enjoy the taste of amazing meals cooked and served by their beloved partner. Married couples eat most of their meals together, so they're more likely to eat foods that they wouldn't normally eat because their spouse has a craving for them. In fact, partner influence over eating decisions is a large factor in weight gain after marriage.

Two additional factors that might come into play are the tendency to eat out together more often and to cook bigger meals when eating at home. Increased time spent watching television together is another factor in post-marital weight gain. Also, in general, post-wedding weight gain is not surprising and is perhaps a result of more relaxed dietary and physical activity habits now that the newlyweds no longer have a special event - and wedding photographs - for which to motivate themselves. The rewards for weight maintenance attention, compliments, gifts often peter out or stop when they marry. And they get older, which makes weight management harder.

Gaining weight in marriage can create numerous problems. First, it leads to the loss of confidence of the person who no longer looks as good as he/she used to. Besides that, it is bound to lead to frustration, worse sex life, and many other complications. Married couples should consider their weight a factor in their overall health and well-being instead of just their appearance. Just as married couples can influence each other to eat poorly, they can also influence each other to make healthy choices. Work together to create nutritious menus, shop for healthy foods together and make meal preparation a joint effort because these can help you stay slim, as well as bond over a shared goal. And also work out as couple to stay healthy and keep the spark alive in your marriage.