DIY Wall-Hanger storage for Dolls



Little girls at home and you will very soon see dolls and dolls everywhere at your home..keep tidying up but the mess comes around, and sometimes you are not permitted to cleanup, but it is only 'mess up time'. Shove all the toys in a big basket and the kids pull out each of them everytime they look for just one, and so the basket storage idea is not a clever one. With my little girl in her fourth year and fascinated with dolls and barbies, it all started with just one doll and within a year, she now has 10 dolls totally. With hours of cleaning up after her friends' visits and her playtime, i got so tired and one day an idea struck...for peace of mind...a wall hanging storage bag for all her dolls.



To make one, We need

6"x4" Felt material pieces - 8

Sewing machine or thread and needle to sew

A pair of scissors

A childrens dress hanger

Firstly, arrange sets of two felt pieces vertically and horizontally across eachother and start sewing them with pockets for the dolls as shown in the picture. Now attach the sets one below the other for a vertical hanger. The top felt set needs a pocket backing to hold the dress hanger and sew the edges to lock the hanger inside. This gives a nice place to keep away all the dolls, a clean floor and an intelligent idea to display the nice dolls collection your child has, why would you not want to show off the expensive, beautiful dolls she has!!