Over-the-door storage



With the increase in Apartment living, the available space has decreased too...everyone is looking for smart storage ideas like Under-the-bed, collapsible and the often heard of, Over-the-door storage solutions. Reduce the number of small jewellery boxes and watch boxes with these storage options, as they have numberous hooks and hangers for necklaces, finger rings, earrings, bracelets and what not. Some even come with a secret shelf to hide away cash and valaubles. With Lock and Key facility to a few little expensive cabinets like these, safeguarding ornaments is easier...noone even finds where you have kept away all your stuff.



Dont have a door to hang it, some can even stand strong on the floor with a mirror too and some against the wall. For the teenage girls' room, there are some fashionable options with lesser hooks and shelves and a slimmer and less weight finish made of metal whereas usually these cabinets are made of wood and come in various exterior finish options to choose from such as White, Cherry wood, Black and Brown. And the colorful ones come in Pink, Ombre, purple etc. we found some smaller table top cabinets also that can be hung over the door when you have a change of mind.



Whoever designed these, have smartly made them as multipurpose items...for use by Men to hang their ties and bows, belts and watches and hide away wallets and wedding rings or even cash cheques. These can be of good help in the craft room to store ribbons, gift packing items and such. Take them into the bathroom to store the toiletries and keep your sink top clear of the facewash and toothpaste tubes. Smart storage, isn't it ? So when are you ordering for you? Browse the web for quite some well known online shopping sites such as Amazon, in USA on HSN, QVC, you will find many options and the regular furniture stores are selling them too...infact, any named carpenter can make you a customised piece.  BTW, these Over-the -Door storage caninets are good as HouseWarming gifts!!