To be able to breastfeed is an eternal Gift! It can take many days to finish talking on Nursing Right.

The more often you nurse your baby, the more milk you make. Your body sends out a harmonal signal preparing itselves to make more milk. Newborns should nurse atleast 8-12 times in 24 hours. Sitting and nursing is a healthy way to avoid back aches..however, you will have to sit up straight even in the middle of the night, when sleepy. still on the long run, it is a good way.

If you are experiencing Nipple pain during nursing, it is caused by poor latch or positioning or too much feeding on one side. Observe the total time your baby is feeding, it should be 30-45 minutes, distribute the time equally between the 2 sides, for example.,15minutes on the left and then next half on the right side...the next feeding session should start with right side as you ended there earlier.

End the feeding when the baby wants no more; do not let the baby sleep while still drinking and the nipple in the mouth. Be sure to put your right little finger into the baby's mouth and break the suction before removing the baby from the breast. Suddenly pulling the baby off will tend to cut the areola.

Air dry nipples after nursing. If they are sore, apply one of the following to the nipple and areola: Warm, moist hot towel compress, expressed breastmilk (it has natural healing ability) hydrogel pads, or hospital-grade lanolin.

If you have not got a chance to nurse, either due to being outside or due to work, breasts might become heavy and plugged ducts might form, which are painful (similar to blood clots): Apply warm compress or take a warm shower, begin feeding on the affected side, massage the breast while nursing to melt the ducts, wearing loose innerwear might give relief.

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- Prathyusha Talluri

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