Gun Metal Jewellery for this Dussera



Statement Jewellery for a grand festival is so necessary..without a nice jewellery set that compliments the brand new dress or saree you wear for Dussera, it is of no good match! Gold and Silver, or even the One-Gram Gold Jewellery have seen so much glam and are worn out but to strike a balance between trendy fashion and beauty yet still match our traditional Indian wear, Gun Metal stands out at its best. Years ago, Gun Metal was famous too but not cared for much during special events and occasions, Gold and Silver occupied the top places then...but currently, the talented Jewellery makers have taken much interest in caring for Gun Metal Jewellery and embedded stones and embellishments to give it more prominence and beauty.



Earlier, Gun Metal Jewellery was considered as Junk Jewellery and worn by College students, Ultra Modern Ladies on casuals but the present day situation has taken Gun Metal Jewellery to the High-end stores and has valued these pieces heavily by using Swarovski crystals and other expensive gem stones too, who could have imagined in the past that Gun metal will shine so bright one day !! The heaviest of the jewellery sets, with accessories like matching bangles, jhumkas and maang tikas are being sold at a wide number of stores across India, with various color options in the gem stones and pearls.



Custom orders are also being accepted if the order price is above a certain cost, to match the workmenship and other expenses. Fashion jewellery in most modern styles are found too in various stores at many Malls. People are even considering Gun metal wedding rings with their favorite stones studded in and stylish bracelets for men and women too in wedding pair sets. Going one step forward, fashion accessories such as Gun metal clutches and money purses are being sold too..along with Armlets, Anklets, Nose rings and Waist chains for sarees and lehengas.


Some say Gun metal has a short life due to its corrosive nature after getting exposed to humid conditions, but if taken care of well, Gun metal jewellery lasts forever. Sametime, if someone has a reaction to any piece of this metal jewellery, it is suggested to stay away from using it or wear it for a short time and remove it without fail and wash off the skin surface to avoid skin rashes incase. Jewellery reactions are common and happen to anyone who uses gold, silver or gun metal jewellery. Earlier, there was no 'Easy to use-At home cleaning and polishing solution ' available for gun metal jewellery as it tends to collect dust and turn black easily compared to Gold jewellery, but these days polishing home-care solutions are available to maintain the shiny finish of gun metal which gives it a longer life. This metal matches Silver lined dresses or sarees or even silver shimmery materials...cottons go well with these anyways....are you thinking of buying your new set of Gun metal jewellery or accesories this year?!