Some Exercises to Make you Fit



To be a healthy woman all you need is a 15 minute workout. You don’t believe me? You must check out this exercise routine that can enhance your health to a great extent. First exercise requires you to stand with your feet apart and toes turned outwards. Squat down with your elbows bent and your fists to your chest.

The second exercise is to put your feet against the wall and walk forward until your body is at 90 degrees. This will help in strengthening your upper back and shoulders. Your next exercise will be to run in the same spot until 10 counts. Do this at least 3 times for best results.
Another exercise is to hold a pair of dumbbells and stand on one leg. Its very simple. Hold the dumbbells in both your hands and gently lift your right leg up in the air. Hold in this position for two minutes and then try the same with your left leg. This will prevent a back ache.

Another interesting exercise is to lie on your left side and lift your upper body with your elbow. Hold in this position for 30 seconds and try the same on your right side. Push ups are also a great way of staying fit. 10 push ups everyday can make you fit and healthy.
Lie straight on your back and put your feet firm on the ground. Then lift your back with the help of your legs and hold it in their for two minutes. These exercises on a daily basis for a fit and heathy body.