Yes to Diapers or Not!



It is a fight between the generations, about whether to use Diapers for a Newborn or not..There are various opinions on if Diapers are really safe to use, if there is no chlorine reaction or any infection caused due to over usage of Diapers ? The older generations have used the home-made cloth diapers for ages...then, there was no worry about wasting water to wash so many cloth diapers, and there were either workmaids to help with the chore or some family member to help but with water supply issues, no household help, busy lifestyle and better financial abilities, using Diapers have become economical. So many famous and wellnamed brands marketing their Diapers, there is alot of competition, sametime, wide variety of options to choose from. Many designs, sizes, features like fast-drying, super absorbent, overnight use, specific colors for baby boys and girls too..and such features have made even Diapers the most sought after items for Babycare.



Many Environmentalists have had an opinion that disposable diapers are polluting, with their very low bio-degradability chance but after many studies proved that Cotton cloth diapers cause more monetary investment, the amount of detergent and chemicals used to pretreat and wash is more and they take many years to degrade biologically..hence disposable diapers do not much harm compared to cloth raise cotton crop is expensive too, except that they seem to save money to the consumer if the water bills are not counted!



When the baby's health is taken into account, disposable diapers with high-absorbency features keep the child happy, compared to cloth diapers which if not changed on wetting, may cause rash quickly. However, other kinds of skin rashes are common if either kind of diapers are not changed regularly and yeast infections are a must-to-be-cautious about during the first 12months of a child's birth. Disposable diapers always come with the comfort of changing on-the-go...Mom doesnot have to worry about where to dispose them off or skillfully or awfully carry the soiled cloth diaper home after her day-out. Buying bulk from a retail store or from a wholesaler is the smart trick when using disposable ones...which brand to use is definitely your choice, friends and relatives will take care of the decision! These are not like medicines or babyfood, if you dont like a brand, change to another...research is the which one on-demand, Pampers, Huggies or the Organic options these days like The Honest Company and BabyGanics etc...