Innovative Decorations for Durga Puja



Decorating for Indian festivals is one most cherished feature of the Indian culture, the families, relatives and friends get along and decorate the mandaps, home exteriors, temples, streets etc. The budget for decorating supplies usually exceeds the limit and some are left dissatisfied even after spending hours to shop for the supplies and sitting to decorate. Sometimes, we have opinions such as 'why spend so much for a festival that comes once a year' or even thoughts like ' lets buy a permanent decorative stuff to put up every year' but which turns out to be boring to see the same stuff every year and for every festival.



Here are some ideas to economically and ecologically decorate indoors and outdoors for the festivals. Ideas such as utilising the gift packaging paper or tissue papers that came for Birthdays and other Ceremonies and are lying around crumbled already. Large Pom Pom garlands resemble the Marigold garlands and dont fade or wither away like the real flower garlands do and are eco-friendly too if used-paper is put to good purpose instead of just throwing it away..and the whole idea is economical, all we need is just some glue and a long thread or string to hang the garland. Even, strips of dress materials in bright festive colors like Maroon, Gold, Green and Red can be made into tassles and garlands hung around windows and doors or across the street, the same idea can be followed with used tissue papers.



Using a green cardboard and a stencil of mango leaf, several leaves can be cutout and smaller pom poms made with orange or yellow colored tissue papers for a marigold or chrysanthemum effect and strung alternative to make a garland and this creates an ultimate festive look that stays longer..just make sure this decor stays away from rain and too much humidity otherwise the flower effect becomes soggy. Like the way Clay Ganesha idol making is being encouraged to replace the harmful Plaster of Paris idols, these repurposed garlands for decoration are a responsible way of festivities and celebrations. Have a better Dussera this year !