Revamp a damaged Hat

Hats and Caps we buy to accessorise our kids or even for ourselves, to use them on 'some fine daywhich never comes', tend to loose that charm as kids over use them or we never use them. Tell me if there are no such items that are lying in your craft corner or in your shelf waiting for a makeover! I have oh-somany....buttons, ribbons, ear hangings, hair bands and etc.....

I recently found one such beautiful hat i got home for my little girl early this year and it lost a ribbon already. I kept it aside for a makeover and soon forgot. I needed a hat for her again last month as Summer evaded. Thats when i hunted Hobby Lobby, our famous, huge craft store only to find two cute purple flowers waiting just for me in the Clearance section for just 2 bucks. To me, it was a Try it and Like it or Leave it - kind of a fix.

I needed:
That hat which seriously screams for help
Hot glue ( fabric glue doesnot help as my hat wasnot cotton made, it was synthetic wire.)
Embellishments such as flowers, stones, ribbons etc
A pair of scissors incase



My old hat had the remains of glue from the ribbon it lost, so firstly, i scraped the leftover glue and cleared the surface. Then, i began to think of adding a ribbon too but the ribbon edges might fade away and stones might fall off, hence, they were eliminated from my Necessities list and the flowers remained. I tried using fabric glue but the materials were silky and the hat was not cotton-made so the flowers fell off quickly. Then, hot glue was my only option. I simply applied the two flowers using hot glue and there you go my daughter who ddnt like the same hat earlier, now wore it even while sitting in the car. It was just a 2bucks fix !!