Advantages of Using Basil Seeds in Daily Life


The use of Basil seeds was prevalent from quite some time but the off late you do get to see a lot of juices and foods that are being made using this ingredient prominently. Basil seeds include a good similarity to chia seeds and loaded with fiber and many health benefits. It is mainly used in drinks of summer times because of its capability to maintain the cooling effect of drink and keep your stomach cool and also maintain a fine digestive system. Basil seeds seem to help the controlling of blood sugar in test subjects, and in dieters, it has the potential to help reduce appetite and food cravings and to keep weight loss efforts on track. The basil seeds that are used for eating are the seeds from the sweet basil plant, Ocimum basilicum. They are also called Thai basil seeds, falooda, sabja, subza, selasih or tukmaria.


According to a lot o studies sweet basil seeds aids in weight loss. The major cause of obesity is hunger and the more we eat , the more fat we accumulate. Basil seeds can be very helpful in this aspect as they are high in dietary fiber and keeps the stomach full for a longer period of time thereby reducing hunger pangs. The seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid that boost the metabolism of the body leading to greater fat burn. Basil seeds have the capacity to expand up to 30 times when soaked in water so it is highly recommended to include these in your diet if you are trying to lose weight. If you are looking for foods to include in your weight loss plan, basil seeds will be a great addition. It should be noted that basil seeds don't contain the same levels of nutrition as Chia Seeds, they are primarily used for their satiety benefits, for those wanting to skip meals. This being the case be aware that they should only be used as part of a balanced diet.


Basil is widely used to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases. Acidity issues are extremely frequent nowadays because of incorrect diet regime & lifestyle. Basil seeds have cooling and relaxing effects on the stomach. Basil seeds has soothing effect on the stomach. If you suffer from stomach burn or acidity, a cup of this sabja milk will do wonders. Substitute it for your cola and coffee for a few days and you will notice a nice difference. Try to take it along with the rose petal jam, as even rose petal jam helps in treating stomach burn.


Sabja seeds when mixed together with coconut oil is very effective for treating skin related problems. To make the oil, first crush the seeds without soaking it in water. Heat coconut oil in a pan and add the seeds and remove from flame. Strain and use for eczema, psoriasis and other skin related problems. This mixture of coconut oil and sabja seed is regarded to deal with eczema, psoriasis and a number of other serious to modest skin issues. There is no evidence whatsoever that basil seeds have undesirable side effects. However, you should consult your doctor before you consume them, especially if you are on medication.