Nail Art Trends for Autumn/Winter 2016



That typical single color nail polish trend is too old to flaunt..even the nail art trends keep changing with changing fashion trends and all started with a coat of transparent glitter on any color, then the french manicure craziness, later came the polka dots and tiny flowers on a dark color, and the diagonal stripes on a dark color with metallic is the embellishment trend....using stones and such is also old, these are the days of using small bows, metal chain strips and stencils of cupcakes and monuments etc. the nail art crafts industry is stretching wide too, there are oh-so many unimaginable products out there at every Nail Spa.



Some nail art trends that are popular this year:

* The inked look

* The checquered pattern

* A light color as base and dark colored polka dots on top

* Autumn colors of Orange and Yellow as the base and darker shades like Maroon and Brown at the cuticle, giving it a Fire-look

* Winter colors such as Blue and Grey in a feathery pattern

*  Contrast colors such as Pink topped with Blue at the tip

*  Mehndi designs on light colored base using a black pen



No matter what comes and what goes, that polished sheen of a simple single colored nails that are well manicured and trimmed would never loose the charm....just one health-friendly nail polish and a transparent top coat would do the trick. For well groomed look, we also need the foundation of healthy nails, hence making sure all necessary supplements are taken for your health daily is important. Changing nail polish colors too often without giving the nails a chance to breathe, using nail products that have many chemicals and exposing the nails to UVRays for faster polish drying is toxic. Many Moms cant wait long enough to pain their little girls' is always safer to teach the little girls that there is an age to start painting their nails, when they grown up. Fashion is good but only when we have sound health and happiness..cherish your happy nail days, Ladies !!