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  1. If you are using IE 4, click on View and then Click on Internet Options.
    If you are using IE 5.0, click on Tools and then Click on Internet Options.
  2. Click on Security button.
  3. Click on Custom level
  4. You will now see a screen which has several commands giving multiple options. Please click in the appropriate boxes to enable the following commands:"

    • ActiveX controls and plug-ins: "Enable"
    • Script ActiveX controls marked safe: "Enable"
    • Downloads --> File download: "Enable"

    • Java permission: "Medium safety"
    • Access data sources across domains: "Enable"

    • Submit nonencrypted form data: "Enable"
    • Scripting by Java applets: "Enable"

  5. After you have carried out the above mentioned changes, Click on Advanced

Enable the following commands by clicking on the check boxes:

  • Java console: "Enable"
  • Java JIT compiler:"Enable"
  • Java logging: "Enable"

If you do not have the latest Internet Explorer browser, you can Download it from here.

Font Help

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  2. How to download true type fonts
  3. How to correct appearance in Netscape Navigator
  4. Frequently asked questions