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Why Visit a Temple!


Why do we go to the temple? When God is everywhere, why is it necessary to go to the temple?  There are many people who are probably troubled with these questions. In this article we shall try to find a satisfactory answer. If you make an attempt to discover, you will find that temples are usually built where there is abundant positive energy. To go to such a place is definitely better than praying to God at any random place. 

Not many know that the deity is first placed at the moolastanam or the prescribed place and then the temple structure is built over it. Moolastanam is the place where the earth’s magnetic waves are known to be the highest. Such positive energy is what we should go to the temple for. Going to the temple involves following a number of rituals. Did it ever occur to you why they are followed? Are they blind beliefs or is there any science behind it? Lets find out!

Be it walking barefoot or ringing the bell, everything has not only a spiritual but a scientific reason behind it. If you visit an ancient temple you will see that its built in a way where the center of the temple is the best conductor of positive energy that enters your body through your feet. By wearing  something on your feet, you will be preventing this positive energy from entering your body. Apart from this, cleanliness is also one of the major reasons behind this practice.

Similarly, ringing of the bell also has its own scientific significance. Spiritually it is said to be an act to get the attention of the Lord as you enter the temple. Science says the bells are created in such a way that the sound they emit have the capacity to unite the right and left parts of the brain. Once a bell rings, its echo lasts for 7 seconds. It is said that this is exactly the time that is needed for activating the 7 healing centers in our body. All this is possible only in a pious place like a temple. So next time anyone asks you why you are going to the temple, you have interesting answers to give. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

..Kruti Beesam

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