Why shouldn’t you sleep towards North!


We have heard our elders saying that we should not sleep with our heads facing North or South! But have we ever wondered why they have said that and the validity behind the saying? Let’s check out…


- North and South are obviously the magnetic poles of our earth which has a lot to do with push and pull of the magnetic field.


- Every living being on the earth, knowingly or unknowingly were affected by these magnetic fields. We could remind about all those birds that fly towards the right direction… only with the help of those magnetic fields.


- Now that we are aware that magnetic fields do affect us, we should certainly be act cautiously to avoid the unnecessary affects of such fields.


- Even while we are sleeping, our blood gets pumped throughout our body… and certainly to our brain.


- When we sleep with our head facing either north or south… the magnetic poles might affect the pressure with which the blood is flowing towards our brain and heart.


- Any slight fluctuations in the blood flow can often be disastrous. With all the pressure accumulated around our mind and heart…. we might see the reason why most of the heart attacks and brain strokes happen in the early hours of the morning.


- Even though our brain and heart are healthy enough not to think about the strokes and attacks… our brain would certainly feel disturbed when it is faced towards the poles during the long nights.


- Our elders have thus probably entrusted the south direction to Yama- the god of death. And they advised us not to sleep towards such Yamasthan.


- We may find it particularly disturbing to sleep towards South or North if we are having sleep disorders (ex: insomnia) or irregularities in blood composition (ex: anemic). No wonder if we find ourselves devoid of good sleep if we place our head either towards such directions.

So! It’s good to sleep with our heads resting either towards East or West.



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