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Funny telephone conversations

Funny telephone conversations


An old man is talking long-distance to California when all of a sudden he gets cut off. He hollers, "Operator, giff me beck the party!"

She says, "I'm sorry sir, you'll have to make the call all over again."

He says, "What do you want from my life? Giff me beck da party."

She says, "I'm sorry sir, you'll have to place the call again."

He says, "Operator, ya know vat? Take da telephone and shove it in you-know-vere!" And he hangs up.

Two days later he opens the door and there are two big, strapping guys standing there who say, "We came to take your telephone out. "

He says, "Vy?"

They say, "Because you insulted Operator 28 two days ago. But if you'd like to call up and apologize, we'll leave the telephone here."

He says, "Vait a minute, vat's da rush, vat's da hurry?"

He goes to the telephone and dials. "Hello? Get me Operator 28. Hello, Operator28? Remember me? Two days ago I insulted you? I told you to take da telephone and shove it in you-know-vere?"

She says, "Yes?"

He says, "Vell, get ready -- dey're bringin' it to ya!"


Agent: Thank you for contacting about your wireless service, my name is Christina, how can we help today?

Customer: I get free mobile to mobile calling on my current plan but I am getting charged for mobile to mobile calls.

Agent: Well ok, can I get the numbers you’re dialing so I can check them in my system? 

Customer: provides me with the numbers and I check them to see if they are of the same service provider to qualify as “mobile to mobile”

Agent: Well there is the problem Ma'am, these numbers are from a different service provider and therefore do not qualify for mobile to mobile.

Customer: But they’re my neighbours!!

Agent: Yes, but your neighbors are not one of our customers.

Customer: But they’re in a MOBILE HOME!!