Manmohan Singh Jokes

Manmohan Singh Jokes

Indian PM Mr. Manmohan Singh went to the US & had a meeting with the

President of America Mr. Obama.

Obama said, "I want to show you the advancement in technology in USA. Come

with me."

Obama takes him in a deep forest and says. "Dig the ground."

Singh digs. Obama says, "More, more, more?"

Singh has now reached a 100 feet.

Obama says, "So now, did you find anything?"

Singh, "I got a wire!"

Obama says, "You see, it shows that even 200 years ago we used to have


Singh was very frustrated and he invited Obama to India. In India he says, "Now I

want to show you the advancement in India!"

He takes Obama to a forest and ask him to dig.

After some time Singh says, "More. .. more... more!"

Obama has now reached almost 400 feet.

Singh says, "Find anything?"