A New York Cab Driver

 A New York Cab Driver

A New York cab driver picked up an Englishman at the airport "You're British, right?"

"Indeed," replied the tourist.

"Well, here's a famous American riddle for you. I'm thinking of someone who has the same father and mother as I do, but is not my sister or my brother. Who can it be?"

The Brit frowned, tugged at his mustache, and after a long pause replied, "very well, I give up -- who can it be?"

"Me," the driver laughed.

The passenger thought a minute and then began laughing along with the cabbie. After returning to his home in England, he decided to try the riddle on his friends.

"While traveling in the States, I picked up this delightful American riddle: I'm thinking of someone who has the same parents I have, but the person is not my sister or brother. Can you guess of whom am I thinking?"

The group thought, tried various possibilities, and finally gave up.

"Stymied! Of whom are you thinking?"

He flung his head back, slapped his knee and laughed, "He's a New York cab driver!"