Indian Beauty Care Tips However, when my dermatologist took one look at the sudden outcrop of angry zits on my nose and asked me to get my blood pressure checked, it introduced me to a whole new (actually old) science of face mapping, which is pretty much the key to unlocking the mysteries behind problem skin. Try it out: Here is how to decode breakouts in the basic areas. * 1 & 2: Digestive System — Eat less processed or junk food, reduce the amount of fat in your diet, step up water intake and opt for cooling things like cucumbers. * 3: Liver — Cut out the alcohol, greasy food and dairy. This is the zone where food allergies also show up first, so take a look at your ingredients. Besides all this, do 30 minutes of light exercise every day and get adequate sleep so your liver can rest. * 4 & 5: Kidneys — Anything around the eyes (including dark circles) point to dehydration. Drink up! * 6: Heart — Check your blood pressure (mine was slightly high) and Vitamin B levels. Decrease the intake of spicy or pungent food, cut down on meat and get more fresh air. Besides this, look into ways to lower cholesterol, like replacing “bad fats” with “good fats” such as Omegas 3 and 6 found in nuts, avocados, fish and flax seed. Also, since this area is chock-full of dilated pores, check that your makeup is not past its expiry date or is skin-clogging. * 7 & 8: Kidneys — Again, drink up! And cut down on aerated drinks, coffee and alcohol as these will cause further dehydration. * Zone 9 & 10: Respiratory system — Do you smoke? Have allergies? This is your problem area for both. If neither of these is the issue, don’t let your body overheat, eat more cooling foods, cut down on sugar and get more fresh air. Also keep the body more alkaline by avoiding foods that make the body acidic (meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar) and adding more alkalizing foods like green veggies and wheatgrass juice. Another thing that most of forget – dirty cell phones and pillow cases are two of the top acne culprits and this area is what they affect the most! * Zone 11 & 12: Hormones — This is the signature zone for stress and hormonal changes. And while both are sometimes unavoidable, you can decrease their effect by getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, eating leafy veggies and keeping skin scrupulously clean. Another interesting point: breakouts in this area indicate when you are ovulating (and on which side). * Zone 13: Stomach — Step up the fibre intake, reduce the toxin overload and drink herbal teas to help with digestion. * 14: Illness — Zits here can be a sign that your body is fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Give it a break, take a yoga class, take a nap, take time to breathe deeply, drink plenty of water and know that everything always works out! * So the next time you break out or notice dark under-eye circles, look to your face map: your skin is probably trying to communicate on behalf of the internal organs. However, do remember that, as with all medical issues, it is always best to see your doctor or dermotologist for a proper prognosis. This is just a general guide to head you off in the right investigative direction – just becuase you break out between the brows doesn’t always mean you have a bad liver!

Tips to Make Your Summer Look Stay Fresh All Day Makeup look fresh all day. Here are tips to make your look stay all throughout the day. Tip #1 Use an Oil-Control Film If you’re getting a little extra shine or perspiration, just take a blotting sheet or oil-control film and just blot the forehead or anywhere that looks shiny. This will take off the perspiration and excess oil or the dewy look without taking off your makeup. Tip #2 Dab on Clear Powder You can also dab a little bit of clear powder on your shiny areas. The clear powder works great because it won’t keep building and building on your summer makeup. Summer makeup is supposed to look light and fresh. Just take a little of your clear powder with a fluffy brush, shake out the excess so it won’t get on your clothes, and brush on the shiny areas Tip #3 Spritz on Some Moisture Mix Another thing you can do that makeup artist’s and flight attendants put on some moisture mix. There are moisturizer mist sprays available in beauty shops or makeup or cosmetic stores. To start off, close your eyes, take the moisturizing spray, hold the bottle about three to four inches from your face and just spray it on. Spraying at a distance makes more coverage on the face. Spraying it on feels great and will actually set your makeup and not come off the whole day. Tip #4 Blush On! To keep your summer makeup looking fresh, you can also add a little bit of blush. It looks very pretty and the rosy effect blends with the summer heat. Keywords: Easy Make up Tips, Hot Make up Tips , Telugu Makeup Tips, Simple Make up Tips, Smokey eyes, Indian Make up Tips,Natural Make up Tips, Natural Makeup Tips

Honey Beauty Tips Honey is a wonderful beauty product because it contains naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Be sure your honey is all natural by purchasing only 100% pure honey to create your beauty products. Try some of the following honey beauty tips below. * Honey mask: Apply pure honey to your face and allow it to set until dry. This will take about 15 minutes. Once dry, rinse your face with warm water. * Body glow bath: To moisturize, smooth, and get an all over body glow, keep a jar of honey next to your bath. Apply honey on your skin and pat dry using both hands. While patting your skin, the honey will get sticky and gently pull up your skin. Rinse away the honey when you are done. The results will be great circulation and beautiful, glowing skin! * Honey bath: For sweet smelling and soft skin, add ¼ to ½ cup of honey to your bath water. * Honey scrub: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a little almond flour into the palm of your hand. Gently apply on your face for a facial scrub. Rinse your face with warm water to remove honey scrub. * Daily facial cleanser: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a little milk powder into the palm of your hand. Apply on your face to clean away dirt and makeup and then rinse with warm water. * Shiny Hair: To add some shine to your hair, mix 1 teaspoon of honey, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and 1 quart of warm water. Shampoo your hair as usual and then pour the honey mixture on your hair. Allow your hair to dry as normal. You do not have to rinse out the honey mixture. * Hair conditioner: For healthy hair and scalp, combine ½ cup of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Saturate your hair with the honey mixture, put on a shower cap and allow it to remain on hair for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, shampoo and rinse your hair as you normally do. * Skin toner: To firm, smooth, and moisturize your skin, combine 1 peeled, cored apple with 1 tablespoon of honey in a blender. Pulse honey mixture until smooth. Gently apply honey mixture on face and allow it to remain for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water to remove the honey mixture.

Telugu Beauty Tips for Face There are lots of commercial beauty products in use by everybody. But they are coupled with side effects too. Moreover the pollution disaster we face every day makes our face look weird. It leads to a dull, shoddy and less beautiful face.   * తేనేని మొహంపైన అలాగే మెడపై రాసుకుని ఇరవై నిమిషాల తరువాత చల్లని నీటితో కడిగితే మొహం కాంతివంతగా ఉంటుంది.   * మరిగిన పాలలో, కొంచెం దూదిని తీసుకుని ముంచి తీసి మొహం పై తుడిస్తే కంటికి కనిపించని దుమ్ము, ధూళిని తీసేస్తుంది. దాంతో మొహం శుభ్రంగా మెరుస్తుంది.   * నిమ్మకాయ రసాన్ని మొహానికి రాసుకుని ఇరవై నిమిషాల తరువాత బాగా కడగాలి. ఇలా చేస్తే మొహం తాజాగా, శుభ్రంగా ఉంటుంది.   * క్యారేటును పేస్టులాగా తయారుచేసుకుని మొహానికి రాసుకుని ఒక గంత తరువాత కడిగితే మొహం నిగనిగలాడుతుంది.   * పావుకప్పు పాలలో రెండు చెంచాల నిమ్మరసం కలిపి రోజు మొహానికి రాసుకుంటే చక్కటి నిగారింపుతో మొహం తళతళలాడుతూ ఉంటుంది.

Tips for Soft Kissable Lips Tips Soft Kissable lips and smooth lips are a sure sign of woman’s attractiveness. but there are lots of factors making them chapped and dry. Learn how to make Soft Kissable Lips following our simple tips. Actually it is enough to follow several simple recommendations to have beautiful looking soft kissable lips. Homemade scrubs, chap stick, and giving up habits of biting and licking lips are among those things that are helpful in keeping Tips for Soft Kissable Lips. * They help you speak. * They contribute to your sense of touch and feel. * Your lips are precursors to a smile, a sigh, a frown, a squeal of delight, a laugh, or any other message that you wish to convey to others. * They are focal points and make a statement even when you have nothing to say. * And lets not forget, they allow you to convey to your loved ones just how much you love them. * Exfoliate in the morning or before bed. * Use warm water on a damp wash cloth. * Gently rub your lips for a few minutes and rinse. * You can also brush your lips with a soft, gentle toothbrush. * Exfoliate with natural exfoliation scrubs such as mixing olive oil or honey with sugar granules. Gently rub your lips. Make sure there is enough olive oil or honey in the scrub so that it’s not uncomfortable when you’re exfoliating your lips. As the dead skin cells come off your lips, your lips will feel smoother and softer. Very kissable! * Once you’ve exfoliated your lips, apply moisturizer. * Look for a Vitamin E-infused lip moisturizer, or one with aloe helps to heal lips and keep them hydrated. * Some natural moisturizers are aloe vera, extra virgin olive oil, chamomile oil or coconut oil. * Be wary of lip balms or vaseline (petroleum jelly), which are great for protecting your lips from the sun or wind, but do nothing to moisturize them. * Apply moisturizer at night before you go to bed. In the morning, apply moisturizer with SPF to protect your lips from the sun. Then apply your lipstick or lip gloss. * If you feel the need to add volume to your lips, or suffer from “levidensis labiae” (thinner lips) apply your favorite lip plumper now- they have ingredients which will make your lips appear plumper and fuller. * Lastly, you will want to protect your lips with a lip balm before going outdoors.

How to do a Manicure at Home This page will guide you through the steps of performing your own manicure, from choosing your tools to maintaining your polished nails long after they've dried.Picture yourself absent-mindedly reaching for a glass of water or flipping through the pages of a magazine, when something catches your eye: the sight of ten smooth, shiny, and perfectly manicured nails! Amazingly enough, these well-groomed nails can be yours without an expensive trip to the salon.   Shape Nails Begin by shaping fingernails to an oval. Because you’re likely to cut too short, don’t use nail scissors or clippers. And don’t use metal nail files: the warming effect they create causes nails to split. Best are emery boards and files of corundum, glass or ceramic. Filing back and forth results in rough edges. File in strokes toward the center of the nail. The most elegant nail length is about two or three millimeters above the fingertip.   Remove Cuticles To soften cuticles and soak away dirt particles, bathe hands in soapy water. Remove stains with lemon juice. Never cut cuticles: it causes them to thicken and grow more quickly. Instead, apply cuticle remover, allow a few minutes for it to work, then carefully push back with a rubber cuticle hoof. Remaining cuticle threads are best pulled away with tweezers: never cut them off. Between manicures, gently push back cuticles with a towel after washing hands. This makes weekly cuticle removal unnecessary. Moisturize To keep hands smooth and nails supple, apply hand cream and massage well into nails. Chapped and dry hands benefit from an overnight hand mask. Alternatively, before going to bed, mix a simple, lanolin based skin care cream with boiling water, massage into hands and cover with cotton gloves. If hands are moisturized and cuticles taken care of daily, all you need to do on a weekly basis is shape nails. What could be easier?

Beauty Tips for Women In the busy schedule you often forget to take care of yourself and in the process neglect your health too. To stay beautiful we all know that it is essential to eat healthy food. Besides that you need to take care of your skin. Regular cleaning moisturizing and toning is necessary. Many herbal packs are available which you can apply to get a glowing and smooth skin. Apply sunscreen and keep your lips moisturized. Get regular hair cuts or trims to avoid split ends. Shampoo your hair at lease twice a week. Once in a while indulge yourself in body massages. Before applying any new make up do a skin test, so that you do not end up having rashes or ugly marks all over your face. Remove your make up before you go to bed.

Travel Body Care Traveling long distances can make you feel tired and reduce the joy of a vacation. To keep your body fit, it is always better to avoid junk and switch to healthy foods. Any exertion cannot only spoil your mood, but can also result in dehydration, fatigue and hunger. It's better to be proactive rather than reactive. Fruits & dry fruits, such as, apples, bananas, unsalted peanuts, dried apricots, etc, have the nutrients that are necessary for your body and helps in keeping you alert and active. Do not eat food that is high in salt content, as they will result in swollen ankles and feet. Drinking plenty of water and limiting the alcohol consumption can help you feel fresh & active. Try to keep your meal timing constant, eat small portions and try to eat slowly. Make sure that while traveling your clothes should be very comfortable as if they are too tight you will have difficulty to sit & relax. You should also keep in mind that clothes you wear are washable so that they can withstand travel stains. Some people have difficulty in sleeping while traveling. If you face same problem then make sure to keep your own pillow in your bag as you are used to that pillow and it is already adjusted according to the shape of your head and you will feel like home by relaxing on it. You could even wear a sleep mask on the journey. Most of these masks are made from soothing herbs that help reducing puffiness and have a cooling effect. Wherever you're, try to exercise. As you're spending most of your time in traveling, your joints and back will get stiff. Probably you don't get adequate gear and machines, never mind and try to walk. Walking is the best exercise for everyone. Prefer taking stairs, than elevator or escalator.

Beauty Tips in Telugu * ఎక్కువగా నీళ్ళు తాగడం వల్ల ముఖంలో గ్లో వస్తుంది. * స్నానం చేసే ముందు నీళ్ళలో పాలుకలిపి స్నానం చేస్తే చర్మం తళతళ మెరిసిపోతుంది. * పెదవులు పగులుతున్నాయని బాధపడుతున్నారా.... అలా పెదవులు పగలకుండా ఉండాలంటే వాటికి మీగడ రాస్తే సరిపోతుంది. * మొటిమల మొహంతో బయటకు వెళ్ళాలంటే ఇబ్బందిగా వుందా...? అలా ఇబ్బంది పడకుండా ప్రతిరోజూ ఎక్కువసార్లు మోఖాన్ని కడుగుతూ పొడి టవలుతో తుడుచుకుంటే మొటిమలు తొందరగా తగ్గుతాయి. * లేతకోబ్బరి ముఖానికి పేస్ పేక్ చేసుకుంటే ముఖం చక్కగా అందంగా కనబడుతుంది. * ఉప్పునీటితో కళ్ళని కరగడం వల్ల కళ్ళు మిలమిల మెరుస్తాయి. * సీకాయతో రోజు తలస్నానం చేస్తే చుండ్రు రాకుండా ఉంటుంది. * స్నానం చేసి వచ్చిన తరువాత, కొంచం నీటిలో నిమ్మరసం కలిపి జుట్టుకు రాసుకుంటే జుట్టు నిగనిగలాడుతుంది. * తులసి ఆకులను నమలడం వల్ల నోటి నుండి వచ్చే దుర్వాసనను నివారించవచ్చు. * ప్రతిరోజూ వ్యాయామం చేయడం వల్ల నాజుగ్గా తయారవుతారు.

Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Feet Tips for healthy and beautiful feet Some times we ignore our feet and let them rough and dry then we may suffer with different feet problems. It is said that you can have an idea about the hygiene of a person by simply taking a look at his shoes or feet. In fact, the way your feet look can tell the other. * Wash you feet on a daily basis, in lukewarm soapy water. Thereafter, rinse them with cool water, dry with a towel and apply foot cream. * Whenever you get your feet wet, make sure to dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes. * The best time to buy shoes is later in the day, when the feet are a bit swollen. The shoes that feel comfortable at that time will surely be comfy at all times of the day. * If, and when, you go out in the sun wearing sandals, make sure to apply a sunscreen on your feet, just like the rest of your exposed body parts. * Scrub your feet, especially the heels, with a foot scrubber on a regular basis. It will help remove the dead cells and make you feet softer. * Before going to bed, wash you feet thoroughly, dry them with a towel and apply moisturizer generously, especially at the heels. * Whenever you are applying moisturizer or cream on your feet, avoid the area between the toes. * To keep you feet dry and odor free, make use of products like foot powders, foot sprays and specially designed insoles.

Natural Home Remedies to Clear Skin If you are looking for safe and effective natural ways to get healthy, beautiful and clear skin then you should definitely try some natural home remedies to clear skin. These skin care natural cures are highly beneficial in getting rid of pimples, blemishes, acne breakouts etc to make way for clear and radiant skin. * Applying some crushed mint leaves mixed with lemon juice and warm water is useful in making skin clear and removing scars. * Boil two white potatoes, mash them and add a few drops of lemon in the mixture. After 20 minutes, rinse it off with warm water to clear oily skin by curing acne. * Cucumber juice works as a great skin cleanser. Application of cucumber juice mixed with raw milk is one of the most popular natural home remedies to clear skin. * Mixture of cucumber juice and tomato juice applied on skin for about five minutes reduces sunburn. Consumption of cucumbers heals skin blemishes. * Applying combination of four tablespoons of buttermilk and two teaspoons of tomato juice for half an hour helps a great deal in clearing skin by getting rid of sunburns. Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated. * Lemon juice is mostly used for oily skin. You can apply a mixture of lemon juice and rose water to remove age spots. Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with juice of one lemon is also beneficial for skin. * Applying a mixture of three quarter cup of rose water, one teaspoon of vinegar and a quarter teaspoon of honey and glycerin helps make skin clear and keeps it moisturized. Individuals with dry skin can also apply a paste of banana pulp, yogurt and rose water. * Clear skin home remedies also involve the use of papaya. You can simply massage the face with a papaya slice to clean skin and clear pores. Papaya pulp can be mixed with honey, rose water and then applied on skin for 15-20 minutes. * Apply a mixture of papaya pulp, a teaspoon of milk cream and half a teaspoon of honey to make skin soft, smooth and clean. * Application of avocado pulp mixed with olive oil is a highly beneficial clear skin home remedy to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Rinse off the paste with warm water after 20 minutes.

Tips to Look and Feel Sexy Looking your best makes you feel wonderful, it is a great idea to strive to be your own physical ideal. * Your skin is the largest organ in your body and to feel beautiful you have to take great care of your skin. The easiest way to do this is to eat healthy. * Fill your diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like fish or olive oil. Drink at least eight glasses of water every single day. * You will notice that your skin will start glowing. Eating healthy and drinking lots of water will also help you to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. * Keep your nails and feet well groomed. It would be hard to feel beautiful with dirty unkempt nails. Whether you pay for it or not, take great care of your nails and feet. It doesn't take very much time to swipe your nails with a pretty splash of color. Buy a nail polish in a color that makes you happy and feel good. Always keep your feet and nails gorgeous. * A great moisturizer on your skin. Dry skin is not sexy or beautiful. When you get out of the shower take the time to slather a great moisturizer all over your body. * Moisturizing your skin keeps it healthy, supple and soft. Grab a separate moisturizer for your face and hands. Keep your skin moisturized constantly and you will defy your age. * Keep a beautiful bright smile. You could spend a lot of money on the perfect lip gloss or lipstick but it won't make any difference if when you smile your teeth are yellow or stained. * With so many teeth whitening products on the market, there is no excuse to walk around with yellow teeth. There are some teeth whitening products you can wear overnight. A nice white, bright smile is a must have accessory for beauty. * Find time to exercise. Lots of women hate to exercise. If you hate cardio or working out at the gym, find a way to incorporate exercise in your daily routine. * Walking is a wonderful way to exercise. Walk your kids to the park, walk to the store instead of driving, walk around the block a couple of times. * Physical exercise is an important part of any beauty routine. You will feel and look better after you have started a consistent exercise plan.

Natural Glowing Skin Tips Glowing and clear skin is essential to stand out from a crowd. If you want to get fair skin with softness and glow ,then read this article to get 7 tips for getting smooth and glowing complexion. 1. Drink 6-8 glasses of watera day. 2. Workout Regulary. 3. Drink green Tea daily. 4. Wear Rare Minearls at Night. 5. Eat Plenty of vegatables and Fruit. 6. Avoiding junk food and taking in food that has essential nutrients. 7. Avoid or limit your toxins intake this includes alcohol, coffee, spicy food, drugs, limit sugar intake.

Tips To Look Young There are some tips and techniques that, if followed religiously, can make you look younger than your age and also much more beautiful. For instance, if you keep fit, exercise on a regular basis and watch your diet, your body will feel as well as look quite young. * Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Increase your consumption of food items that are rich in proteins. * Try to get at least 7-8 hours sleep on a daily basis. It will help you feel younger as well as extremely refreshed. * Pay attention to the lipstick color. Always avoid bright red and brown shades and stick to neutrals, like beiges and pinks. * Avoid processed foods as well as those food items that have too much sugar in them. * Get manicures and pedicures done on a regular basis. Go for a facial sitting at least once in a month. * Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. It will help your body stay hydrated and flush it free of toxins as well. At the same time, it will make your face glow and shine. * Women wearing scents with pink grapefruit in it appeared, on average, 6 years younger than their actual age. * Always maintain a proper and confident posture. It not only makes you look younger, but also help you appear slimmer than you are. * Do not overdo with your eyebrows outlining. Subtlety is the key when it comes to eye makeup that makes you look young. * Always wear a sunscreen lotion when you go out in the day, to protect your skin from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. Make sure that you are using a sunscreen with at least 15 spf. * Avoid wearing round neck blouses, which may draw attention to a drooping posture. You should always prefer wearing V-neck clothes, which direct the eye up.

Winter Makeup Trends 2012 The wind and cold conditions that it brings along only adds to the dryness. With the onset of winters, your makeup also needs to go major change. * Winters calls for more defined eyes. So, you should use a chocolate brown or charcoal liner along your upper lashes. * A good idea to opt for neutral shades of makeup, such as light browns, grays, pinks and purples. * If you want to draw attention to only one area of your face during winter, it is best to put emphasis on your eyes. A smoky eye look will work well during this time of year. * Keep your lips moisturized in order to prevent them from becoming cracked and dry. It is a good idea to apply a lip-gloss throughout the day. * A bit of sheen on eyes can be used too for a change, especially if you are using nude shades on your lips. * Either your moisturizer or your foundation should have broad-spectrum sun protection. * A light, matt foundation as well as a tinted powder, with a slight shimmer, look great in winters. * For fragrance, it is best to stick to essence of essential oils, spices and other natural aromas. * Smokey eyes look best in winters. For sultry effect, you can use eye shadows in cinnamon and coffee shades. * A sheer layer of creamy blush-on can boost up the subtle makeup look that you adopt in winters. * Tinted lip balms, in honey, blackberry and red currant tones, look great in the winter season

Vitamin C for Glowing skin Vitamin C is a natural friend to skin. To keep skin healthy and glowing in spite of exposure to the sun, apply Vitamin C directly on your skin in the form of a topical Vitamin C cream to penetrate skin’s layers and repair sun damage. To give your skin a total Vitamin C boost, be sure to consume foods rich in Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and dark leafy greens. You might also benefit from taking Vitamin C supplements, between 500 and 1,000 mg per day.The nutrient is essential for making collagen, the protein fibres that give skin its strength and resiliency. And being a powerful antioxidant, C also disarms free radicals that would otherwise chip away and weaken collagen. Vitamin C helps protect skin from this sun scourge, too. A little extra vitamin C isn’t all it takes to plump your complexion. To be beautiful, your skin needs proper nourishment. Vitamin C increases cell turnover, helps protect against sun damage, and boosts the production of collagen and elastin. Serums often have the highest concentrations of vitamin C, and if you apply a serum first, before your moisturizer, the vitamin C will help your skin absorb the beneficial ingredients of the moisturizer. After you stop at a skin care counter, visit the grocery store. Glowing skin blooms with a diet of citrus fruits, mangoes, kiwis, tomatoes, broccoli, red peppers, and even baked potatoes all of which contain a healthy dose of vitamin C. These fruits and vegetables can bring you a step closer to healthy skin!

Homemade Facial Packs Homemade facial recipes for skin tightening can not only help tighten the neck, but are also easier to make and safer than commercially available ones. Dry skin : Make a paste of papaya or peach and leave it for around 20 minutes and then wash your face or banana too for application on dry skin for similar results. Oily skin : Make a paste of one table spoon of honey with two peeled apples. The paste should be applied and washed after 20 minutes. Also try making a paste of a fully ripe tomato. These homemade face packs can give you a glowing look in a matter of minutes. Normal skin : mixing either clay or white kaolin powder along with cornflower, oats and one beaten egg white. A drop of geranium oil should be added to this mix and then mixed well to form a paste, which can be then be applied and left for a few minutes and then washed off. Wrinkled skin : Take around 4 to 5 almonds and grind it well do not add water. Blend the almond power together with 1 tablespoon honey and 1 egg white. Apply to face and wash after15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth. Glowing skin : using honey, sandalwood powder and a ripped banana. The banana is mashed and then honey and sandalwood powder are added and worked into a thick paste.

Home Remedies for Pimples • A facial mask consisting of grated apple and honey serves as an effective home treatment for Pimples and Acne. • Mix some water in a mixture of crushed margosa (neem) leaves and turmeric to make a fine paste. Finally, rub the resultant mixture on the Pimples and leave it on the skin for about half an hour to heal Pimples successfully and remove the left over scars too. • Simply applying freshly extracted mint juice serves as one of the easiest possible natural home remedies for Pimples. • Raw papaya juice can be applied on the Pimples to cure Pimples naturally. • Add lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities and apply this mixture on the affected area for about half an hour. Regularly following this remdial procedure for about three to four weeks is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Pimples. • Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel have anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that help in dealing with Pimples. Marigold and wheat germ oil are also effective against Pimples. • Regularly applying the pulp of ripe tomatoes on the face for about an hour or so helps in the effective treatment of Pimples. Cucumber pulp can also be used in the same way with the same results. * Applying a mixture prepared from three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder over night is another popular natural cure for this irritating problem. This natural remedy is sure to give encouraging results if religiously followed for at least two weeks.