How to Stay cool in Summer ?


Summer is a dreadful still it is really a pleasant season. It can present you with a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, but only when you Stay Cool. The summer heat can be dreadful for you if you could not stay cooler.

Not all the people or families can afford air conditioner, and thereby staying cooler in hot summer days can be a major concern for them. If you are one of them, just do not get bothered as you can keep yourself cooler in hot summer days even without an air conditioner.

1, Take one glass and load it with the ice cubes. After that, hold the glass up to your mouth and blow gently into it. The ice will significantly cool down the air you are blowing into the glass and as the air has just one way to come out of the glass, the cold air will be driven out over your skin. It is a very simple trick and it can be an excellent alternative to air conditioning.

2, Make a thin slice of cold cucumber and place it in the middle of your forehead. This will work instantly and provide a cooling sensation for a hot day.

3, Pour some ordinary rubbing alcohol into the cloth, rub it over your face and sit in front of a fan or in the way of a cool breeze, allowing the evaporation of alcohol. The evaporation of alcohol will provide the cooling effect. Be cautious that alcohol does not get in contact with your mouth or eyes.

4, Remove your hat or shoes while you’re indoors. The majority of the body's heat gets released via the scalp, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. So, maintaining these areas cool will provide the surprising difference.

5, Going barefooted will also aid you to keep your body cooler.

Some Other Tricks to Get Cooler

* Close All Windows and Doors throughout the Day : It is very important to prepare your home against the heat. So, you should close all windows, blinds, exterior doors and curtains. It is OK that the sun hits your house in the morning but they should not be opened throughout the hottest part of the day.

* Open The Windows And Doors At Evening : For allowing the cooler evening/night air to circulate through the rooms and to create a cross-breeze, it is necessary to open the windows and doors at evening. You should leave all the interior doors open to allow the cooler evening/night air to blow throughout the home. If you leave the interior doors closed, they stock up the daytime heat and your house will not cool down as much you need.

* Keep The Air Flowing To Cool Down Your House : Turn on the ceiling fan, an attic fan, a box fan or an upstairs window fan for draining off the heat accumulated in upper rooms and pushing the heat outdoors. Position a portable fan, which can suck up the cooler air from the underneath floor, and blow the hot air in upward direction towards the ceiling.

* Turn Off The Unnecessary Things That Generate Heat : If your phone is not being charged, there is no need to plug in the phone charger. Plugging of the phone chargers not only uses the electricity, it also generates heat. Shut down your computer if you are not using it because computers can also generate a lot of heat. Avoid the incandescent light as they are known to create heat, you can switch to compact fluorescents instead. The microwave holds a clock on it, and thereby it generates a lot of heat. If there is a clock on your coffee maker, it can also generate heat. So, avoid the use of both if not necessary.

* Make Use Of Light Colors : Opt for a light-colored roof or roof coating if you have a choice. It can reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.That is not all; you should put white sheets over furniture, cover your corduroy pillows with light-colored pillowcases and put the linen slipcovers on wool sofas during the summer months. The heat will be reflected by light-colored fabric, rather than absorption of it. Moreover, the smooth texture will provide you a feeling of coolness.