Puffy Eyes!


Puffy eyes are every girl’s nightmare! Personally even I am scared to walk out from home with large puffy eyes, they basically pull all the attention away from the other good things to the puffy eyes. 

The most common causes of the puffy face look are harmless and not to worry much about, they do sometimes point out an underlying medical condition. Puffy eyes are a reliable sign of thyroid disease called Graves disease and sometimes also kidney failure which is accompanied by gross swelling of the body. Puffy, swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes can occur when the eye is infected with conditions like conjunctivitis.

While the other causes are: The obvious reason can be crying. Heat which causes the membranes to become drier around eye, tissues become parched and thickened causing irritation and puffiness. When you are stress and devoid of the full quota sleep then the cortisol and adrenal levels increase causing changes in salt and water retention, showing up as puffiness. It is a warning sign of the allergic season. It can be also because of PMS, during which our body bloats up. When you had some extra alcohol last, this usually dries up the membranes causing puffiness the following morning.

How to get rid of Puffy eye? First of all rule out any medical conditions by consulting a physician. Get a good sound sleep. Keep yourself well hydrated. Limit alcohol. Stay indoors and take medication after consulting a doctor for allergies. For instant relief, soothe your eyes with cucumbers or cold tea a bag for about 15 minutes, cold usually reduces the inflammation and reduces release of histamine and thus swelling.


-Koya Satyasri