Brooch chains from the past


Do you remember the good old days when your grandmother would wear the long chains with a brooch like pendant attached to it .Well the fashionistas are always digging into our past designs and these chains have made a come back in fashion now. Not just limiting it to a single line they come in a variety of designs and can worn in a chain or also individually like a chain brooch  on your sari, dress or a  lengthy skirt or shirt.

They come in chains, pearls, strands of different coloured beads, multi-coloured beads/strands  and the pendant shapes come in different forms like birds , flowers, butterflies, peacocks ,mango shapes , where you  can choose them depending on the clothes that you choose to wear.

The same ones when they are attached with two pendants on each end double as brooches to be worn elegantly on your saris or traditional Indian wear.They come with pins on both ends and can be fixed to your dress in a semi circular way.The mix and match combination of the pendants and chains make them look like a stand alone piece of jewelry.

If you want to wear it over a shirt or western wear you could check out the classic pieces that come in white metal,silver and  black metal ones that will suit your formal wear.

Check out your nearest store or online for various designs of these lovely brooches and chains to choose from. You would surely stand out from the rest of the crowd when you wear these elegant pieces of jewelry!