New Look Office Wear

Talking about work places, firstly, you need to make sure that whether you wear Indian or western formal wear, they are washed and well-ironed. Dirty, stained, and soiled clothes are a strict no-no. It just negates the point of fashion.

People say dealing with Monday blues is difficult. Honestly, I feel the Monday blues every day. But yes there is this one weird incentive I have to go to office. I love to dress.

Complement the sarees with simple heels. Purchase certain universal colored high-heeled shoes, like golden, silver, black, and white. Simple bindis or ones with delicate and intricate designs and colors are a must-wear.

Classifying Indian wear to office into traditional sarees and comfortable salwar-kurta, I would recommend use of certain accessories to make your look more complete. I am not going into the details about what clothing to wear. Sarees should be simple, worn crisply, making sure you maintain and cover your belly-button and cleavage, to get the more dignifies look. You aren’t going for a cocktail party, right?

Western formal invariably become more stylish and chic, if they well-fitted. Loose and floppy clothes spoil the look, and if you have been wearing westerns like that, then I recommend you to switch over to desi gear soon, rather as soon as possible, now! I’d say.

You can experiment with blouses, but make sure they aren’t too low near the front and back. You can add a nice fancy broach to attach your Pallu to your blouse. Wear-it up only with your Mangalsutra, if you are married, or a simple silver or gold chain of your choice, if you are not. Do not wear heavy jewelry or ‘jhumkas’. It does not look and feel professional at all.

Get different, that’s way to get stylish. It’s no rocket science my ladies. For instance, if the world wears those big broad dialed watches, you should be donning the exact opposite. Feel different, and you will feel stylish!